The Best Windows Tablets Under $300 [Reviews + Guide]

Best Windows Tablets Under 300

Well, we are living in a modern era where communication is not a problem anymore. Are you guys in search of “Best Windows Tablets under $300“?

Many of you don’t have any idea about the market rates and the best cheap windows tablets. As you know, technology is growing day by day and introducing trends. People are more familiar to follow trends they want to follow brands as well.

Elites follow trends, and the rest of you got disappointed by high rates. People always try to find something more interesting, attractive, and efficient as well.

Thus, choosing the best tablet with the cheapest rates is the most challenging job. A few years back, tablets were used rarely, and they were not available at reasonable prices. Nowadays, tablets are more famous in every age group of people, such as young and kids as well. They act as a personal computer and assist you with fantastic features.

People think that a good Windows tablet cannot be at a reasonable price, and the cheap ones are useless. But it was the past things. Nowadays there are many tablets that are less expensive, portable, and more reliable than others. They are such a great source of communication, entertainment, and best for games as well.

What you Need the Most under the $300 budget?

However, whenever people want some modern and exciting things in life, they go for Windows tablets.

Also, parents try to leave their children with tablets rather than android phones because they find it more safe and reliable.

Kids can play games for hours using these tablets, which are consist of high-end processors.

Battery and display are also other essential factors that are noticed in a good tablet.

Although people focus on cheap rates, they are also concerned about high performance, long-lasting battery, and a modern design as well.

Thus, all the windows tablets are incredible and outstanding products.

5 Best Windows Tablets under $300 – Top Picks

The online market is loaded with different styles and varieties of tablets. So, many of you face difficulties while searching for the best tablet at the cheapest rates.

That’s why we are here with five incredible products of the best windows tablets under $300.

We have explored these tablets to save your time and energy as well.

You guys don’t need to get worried about expensive rates and silly designs anymore.

In this article, we are going to discuss unique windows tablets, their features as well. Have a look below!

1. Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus S1 Ultra Slim

Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus S1 Ultra Slim - Best Windows Tablets Under $300Tablet is such a uniquely designed windows tablet that successfully grabs the attention of many people.

Holding such a fashionable tablet makes you more popular in every gathering.

Moreover, if you are in search of the Best Windows Tablet and also with a low budget then, this perfectly goes for you.


Although people are more concerned about performance and expensive rates.

But size also matters a lot.

Sometimes a customer just ignored unique tablets of high performance as they couldn’t find them more attractive and useful in size.

More giant screens are more comfortable for the eyes.


The display is another essential factor that attracts more people. Nowadays, it is trendy because of its ULTRA SLIM & ULTRA STYLE.

More suitable for office use, education work, industrial use, and daily use as well.

Moreover, it provides the best 10” Graphics Display. 

So whenever, you want to buy a budget control tablet with all these incredible display features, always check this windows 10s tablet.


People need more space to keep high-volume files. Similarly, if a device has more internal storage, then the performance will be higher.

A device with temporary storage always troubles you with a warning message “please you need to free your disk/ you don’t have enough space” etc.

However, if you are searching for high internal storage and RAM, then it could be a perfect choice, which has such a strong GPU- 4GB RAM and mega storage space with an Upgraded Intel Quad-core CPU.

You can work on it for hours or days continuously.

Additional Features

This is an impressive 4.0 Windows PC laptop tablet that also has a feature of Bluetooth connectivity.

You can connect to any device such as android mobiles and any other PC.

It has a USB 3.0 port.

Well, it is consists of an Intel Quad-Core Processor.

It is the best combination of RAM and strong processors.

Specifications of Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus S1 Ultra Slim
Processor Intel Atom cherrytrail quad-core
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear – 5 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Windows 10 S Home
Battery Life 6 hours
Weight 1.52 pound (690 grams)

Why should you Buy Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus S1 Ultra Slim?

The most important thing is it comes with “12 Months of Full USA Warranty“.

Most of the competitors don’t facilitate to customers with this fantastic service.

The tablet is too good in overall performance and equipped with Intel Quad-Core Processor and high storage.

Thus, if you are with a low budget, also want to experience a great tablet try our searched Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 plus S1 Ultra Slim Tablet Computer for you.

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2. Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3 - Best Windows Tablets Under $300As we all know, technology is trying its best to make our lives more comfortable.

The thing is, not everybody is enough capable to get all these devices at high rates.

It doesn’t mean, that you should stop searching and using such types of devices. 

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet provides all the functionality of a full-featured tablet.

Tablet has many built-in functions like ports and connectors (USB ports, Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 10).

Thus, use this tablet to watch movies, browse the web as well.

Here is a list of important features of the Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet.


Usually, tablets come in small sizes which most people find discomfort to eyes.

A large screen with good resolution provides you better video and image quality.

On-screen, it has a power button. Press the button to turn Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet on. 

Tablet also has a windows button that helps you to start the screen. 


Do you guys have found the best Windows tablet under $300 yet?

However, Microsoft tablet windows 10 has a “10.8-Inch Display HD” screen.

10.8-Inch display screen lets you touch icons, apps and you can easily open, zoom, and close them.

A screen with high pixel resolution always gives you the best results.

Nowadays tablets are reliable and portable that’s why they are the priority of customers.

Many of the users are design-conscious and choosy somehow.

They demand big screens, HD quality at a low price so this Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet is the best one.


The biggest thing which is being noticed by most customers is the storage of a device.

You love to have extra space for movies, music, and files as well.

Most of the tablets get hanged due to short storage and a low level of processors.

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet has a powerful “Quad-Core Intel Atom Z8700 1.6Ghz (2.4 GHz burst speed) Processor”.

Which helps a tablet to keep cooler and produce less heat. Microsoft tablet has “64GB of Flash Storage” and “2GB RAM”.

Additional Features

Surface 3 has some amazing additional features such as “Battery”, “Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)” and “Bluetooth 4.0”.

The powerful battery can last up to 10 hours of video playback. You can work on it for 10 hours without any charging cable.

Specifications of Microsoft Surface 3
Processor 1.6 GHz Quad-core
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 3.5 MP
Display 10.8-inch
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.37 pound (621 grams)

Why should you Buy Microsoft Surface 3?

Microsoft is a well-known brand that provides you high-quality function tablets.

A better performance battery, operating system, and high megapixel camera.

To shoot vlogs and other videos, this gives an outstanding quality.

Surface 3 comes with Intel Quad-core processing abilities which makes you feel comfortable.

If you are searching for a highly processed tablet then try this uniquely equipped Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet.

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3. Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim

Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim - Best Windows Tablets Under $300Fusion5 is an independent well-known brand in the UK.

Which is an expert in developing tablet computers, windows, and android mobiles.

People notice many things while buying the best tablets such as market rates, internal and external storage, battery timing, and performance.

Therefore, it also provides 12 Months of Full USA Warranty.

Tablet comes with built-in speakers and USB ports so you can enjoy cartoons and games.

Here is a list of important features of the Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC.


The Windows 10s Fusion5 Ultra Slim is one of the best cheap Windows tablets.

While choosing a tablet size is another important factor.

Fusion5 seeks our attention due to its wonderful design and powerful hardware.

Therefore, an amazing touch screen tablet and you can have it for just under 300$.


Windows 10s tablet PC by Fusion5 comes with a bright “10′-inch display HD screen”.

The screen has high pixel resolution which gives cinematic clarity.

By using the Wi-Fi connectivity feature, you can play games, watch movies online with HD quality.

Thus, these tablets are user-friendly, easy to handle, portable, and less expensive.

These are more suitable for office workers, students, and gamers as well. As for portability, it only weighs 0.7 Kilograms.


Fusion5 windows 10s tablet is equipped with a powerful GPU 4GB RAM and 128GB of board Storage.

Fusion5 claims that such tablets can work properly in any unpleasant situation so far and allows you to use them efficiently.

These tablets come with powerful and mega storage spaced Intel Quad-core processor.

Additional Features

Additionally, it comes with reliable USB ports and Wi-Fi connections.

Thus, the Fusion5 windows 10s tablet has a full-size USB 3.0 port.

The USB port is used to connect accessories like a mouse, printer, Ethernet adapter, USB drives, and smartphones.

Fusion5 supports Wi-Fi protocols and Bluetooth 4.0 which helps to connect the wireless network and wireless devices as well.

Therefore, there is another amazing feature of microphones.

You can easily use front-facing microphones for calls and recordings.

Specifications of Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim
Processor Intel Atom cherrytrail Quad-core
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 5 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Windows 10 S Home
Battery Life 6 hours
Weight 1.54 pound (699 grams)

Why should you Buy Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim?

People always try to find feasibility and comfort these days.

They demand highly equipped, good battery timing, HD quality screens, better performance, and huge storage as well.

These are some important factors which are noticed by any customer. 

Moreover, it gives “12 months of full USA warranty” ultra-slim design and strong hardware.

Surely, you would love to use the Fusion5 windows 10s tablet.

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4. ASUS Transformer Book T101HA-C4-GR – Ultraportable Laptop 2-in-1

ASUS Transformer Book T101HA-C4-GR - Best Windows Tablets Under $300Asus Transformer Book T101HA-C4-GR’s tablet is light and slim.

They are available in different colors and models as well.

The weight is very less that’s why they are portable effortlessly.

People have a busy life routine and they don’t have enough time to charge mobile or tablets repeatedly.

Even without charging up to 11 hours, it can work continuously and play videos.

Thus, you also can charge it via a USB port.

Although this Asus Transformer Book T101HA-C4-GR is light and slim they have all the USB connectors.


Asus Transformer Book 2-in-1 ultraportable laptop is truly comfortable and modern to use.

Small-sized tablets are hard to handle and people don’t prefer such sizes of tablets either.

This is an amazing device with Windows 10 operating system.


Transformer Book is amazingly designed to give you the best quality HD screens.

These tablets come with 10 Inch IPS WXGA touchscreen Display.

High pixel resolution gives you the best HD quality results.

Which is best for watching movies, and playing games.


The powerful Intel CHERRY Trail Quad Core x5-Z8350 1.44GHz (Turbo up to 1.92GHz) 64-bit is used.

Which allows you multitasking and the processor provides high speed.

Storage is very flexible and consists of 4GB Memory, 64GB eMMC with Windows 10 that is pre-installed.

Additional Features

Additionally, it provides ultra-portability which means the tablet weight is only 2.2 lbs.

The transformer Book is only 0.35 inches thin.

The most important feature is, “touchscreen”.

Although it’s a high processor tablet it is one of the best Windows tablets.

Moreover, this tablet comes with an amazing battery that can last up to 11 hours.

Now you just don’t need to get worried about high market rates anymore.

The best tablet under 300$ budget.

Specifications of ASUS Transformer Book T101HA-C4-GR
Processor Intel CherryTrail Quad Core
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 11 hours
Weight 2.2 pound (998grams)

Why should you Buy ASUS Transformer Book T101HA-C4-GR?

Transformer Book has powerful storage of 64GB. Which is another amazing feature of Asus tablets.

As you know guys, market rates are too high and they come with very low quality of such devices.

Thus, it gives the best HD quality, a long-lasting battery, and a touch screen display.

So feel free to try this ASUS Transformer Book Ultraportable T101HA-C4-GR Laptop.

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5. Lenovo Idea Pad S150

Lenovo Idea Pad S150 - Best Windows Tablets Under $300If you are after “Best Cheap Windows Tablet” you couldn’t get better than the Lenovo Idea pad S150 Laptop Computer.

It gives the killer display at reasonable prices.

Whenever you think of the best tablet at the cheapest rates it would be your first choice hopefully. 

Lenovo’s idea pad looks stunning with its amazing visual media look.

Thus, a tablet is available with an HD display and which is the latest version of Windows to date.

Here is a list of important features of the Lenovo Idea Pad S150 (81VS0001US) tablet.


Lenovo has the world’s best developers and they try to amaze the world with their extra skills and abilities.

Lenovo tablets are great and come with their incredible hardware, HD display, 14 inch HD (1366 x 768) screen, and windows 10 home as well.

Most of the manufacturers try to grab attention and high traffic through amazing designs and sizes.

Lenovo comes with a sharp and bright screen at a very low rate.


The Lenovo idea pad is a perfect choice under the $300 budget.

Although, a cheap tablet but is more powerful than others.

Users get amazed by its extra features like Webcam.

Which makes images and videos noticeable than others. 

However, the idea pad is solidly competent in terms of performance.


Definitely, it is another important feature that makes Lenovo’s idea pad famous in the market.

The pad is consists of an AMD A6-9220e 1. 60 – 2. 4GHZ Dual-core processor.

Idea pad tablet has such a powerful 4GB RAM (memory), 64GB eMMC as well.

High-speed processors have always been the first priority of the market.

Although, competitors come with different styles and designs maybe you couldn’t even get them at a reasonable price. 

Additional Features

Usually, people think that they communicate through these devices.

The fact is, nowadays you couldn’t get entertained without these amazing devices.

To watch movies, play games you have to connect with a powerful internet connection.

Thus Lenovo pad comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and Card Reader as well.

Through the card reader port, you can have a file-sharing system as well.

Specifications of Lenovo Idea Pad S150
Processor 2.4 GHz Dual-core
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear –0.3 MP
Display 14-inch
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 5 hours
Weight 3.1 pound (1406 grams)

Why should you Buy Lenovo Idea Pad S150?

Due to its amazing features such as 1x HDMI, 2x USB 3, and 1 Gen 1 people are more attracted to this Lenovo tablet these days.

A fantastic device with extra connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Card Reader as well which facilitates you with more and more.

To assist you guys, we searched for this incredibly high-performance Lenovo Idea Pad S150 (81VS0001US) tablet for you. Highly recommended!

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Best 7-inch Tablets


Technology has made us enough capable to use the Best Windows Tablets under $300.

There were times when desktop computers were used.

To use these computers is the toughest job though because they required extra space.

You get exhausted, using desktop computers the whole day.

By the time, tablets were introduced and they gained attention successfully.

Tablets are compact-sized devices and portable, reliable, and acts as a PC.

Even parents get tablets for their children.

They are best for playing games, communicating, and watching movies as well.

Most people don’t explore such devices because of their high rates.

That’s why we have searched 5 “Best cheap windows tablets” for you.

We care for our clients and their comfort level.

Thus in this article, we discussed the Best tablets under 300 their important features as well. 

People are more concerned about their valuable money and they don’t want to spend extra money on expensive devices.

But they want the best communication platform at a reasonable price.

Thus after reading this article completely you will be able to get the best tablet.

You guys will be amazed by these cheapest and efficient tablets.

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