What is Android Operating System?

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What is android operating System

Android is a mobile operating system that is designed for all touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets.

This operating system is developed by Google and later the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) and used in many devices all over the world.

It is a trust organization of 84 different companies, which include Google, AKM, KDDI, Garmin, Teleca, Samsung, Intel, and eBay, etc. and all of these companies have an important role in the development of Android OS. OHA was established on 5 November 2007, which is sled by Google Company.

Android is a software package that is a Linux-based operating system that is used by different smartphone brands like HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Xperia, Oppo, and many other devices.

The main language which is used in developing this operation is Java, but no doubt, many other languages also play an important role in this development like C++

Android is an operating system specially designed for mobile. Everything which is available on the screen of your phone is part of the android operating system.

The Android operating system is one of the best and top-level OS, which is used by millions of users all over the world.

It has more than 2 billion active users, and due to this reason, it becomes one of the largest installed base operating systems as compared to other OS. In 2020, Google stores will have more than 2.9 million applications and games.

Many other ecosystems are competing with the android operating system, which includes Amazon Fire OS or Lineage OS, iOS, and Windows Operating System.

Android is an open-source operating system that is free, and anyone can use it without having an official license.

Moreover, it is also one of the safest operating systems. It is an open-source program, but it is still packed with proprietary software when selling smartphones all over the world. 

Main Features of the Android Operating system

Android offers unlimited features to satisfy all users around the world.

If you don’t know what the main features of the Android operating system are offering, then don’t worry about it.

We have listed down an important feature for you, don’t forget to check them.

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