The Best 10-inch Tablets on the Market

Best 10-inch tablets

Are looking for a tablet that is not so big or small, then a 10-inch display size is perfect for you.

Besides, the best 10-inch tablets are not so big, like 12 inches or above size devices which are difficult to hold.

And not like 7 or 8 inches small size tablets that offer screen size which is equal to a smartphone.

Moreover, the 10-inch tablets are perfect digital devices for those users who want an average-sized display.

If you fall into this category of people, this article is for you.

With this display, size, gaming can be more fun because, in this display size, the various brands’ batteries have different timing.

You can easily play games for an extended period without any shortage of power.

Many corporate workers like investment bankers, financial analysts, and stockbrokers like the 10-inch ideal screen size.

It is so because these display-size tablets are not only comfortable to carry everywhere due to their lightweight as compared to large-size tablets.

Also, if you’re looking to buy a decent screen-size digital device that your kids can use, it should be the best cheap 10-inch tablet.

Many people wonder why not buy laptops or smartphones for our children’s entertainment.

The simple answer is laptops are tricky to operate, and a small display of smartphones is terrible for kids’ eyes.

That’s why the tablet is there to cover your aspect.

All these benefits of the best 10-inch tablets we have told you above inspire many people like you to buy a 10-inch display tablet.

But idiots say the tablet trend is over now, so don’t waste time and money on their purchases.

To clear your mind, last year sales statistics show that a total of 200 million tables are sold out, which is a vast number and indicates how trendy tablets are these days.

Are you struggling like the majority of people in selecting the right 10-inch tablet from the congested market, then don’t worry.

We have solved your issue by making a list of some highly rated 10-inch tablets.

You need to read the entire review to set yourself in the position to get the best one that is capable of delivering the task you want.

So, let’s start the review.

10 Best 10-inch Tablets – Top Picks

1. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini - Best 10-inch TabletsApple is a top-class brand not only in the USA but in the whole world.

This tablet for Apple carries on the traditional class and quality of this brand.

Moreover, the high-resolution 10-inch display allows the user to enjoy non-stop video streaming without stressing the eyes.

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Besides, the elegant look makes it the best tablet for gaming.

A12 Bionic chipset:

This best 10-inch iPad features an A12 Bionic chipset which consists of 6.1 billion transistors which are 60 percent extra than Samsung’s snapdragon 835 which is its rival.

This quality makes it the best chipset in the world with powerful performance.

So, the inclusion of this chipset in this iPad makes it the best-performing tablet.

Further, the 256 GB storage is good for all sorts of use.

HQ quality cameras:

The 8 Megapixels back camera from Sony is full of efficiency.

You can use this camera for recording purposes.

Moreover, the front camera of this top 10-inch tablet is 7 Megapixels which is promising for video conferences and selfies with high-resolution capacity.

Additionally, this camera has Facetime as well.


It comes with a wireless AC edition, which is a brilliant feature.

Chiefly, the speed of this version of a wireless network is three times quicker as compared to the previous version of the wireless network.

With this 802.11ac version, you can get the top data transmission speed in wireless mode.

Additional features:

The battery timing of this iPad is 10 hours which is more than enough for all types of tasks.

Therefore, you can watch the video and play video games on that tablet without worrying about the battery charge because it will not finish so quickly.

Further, the 10.2-ounce weight allows the user to carry it with them due to this little weight.

Specifications of Apple iPad Mini
Processor A12 Bionic chip
Storage 256 GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 7 MP
Display 9.7-inch
Operating System iOS
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 0.66 pound (300 grams)

Why should you buy Apple iPad Mini?

If you are looking to buy an average-size tablet with a high-quality display, strong processor, and light body, it is recommended to use it because it possesses all these features.

Moreover, if you want a portable tablet, then nothing is better than that as it weighs only 300 grams.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - Best 10-inch TabletsAre you looking for the best cheap 10-inch android tablet, then you are at the right place?

Because the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes only at 350$. So, you can buy it at this cost with a 10.4-inch display.

Moreover, the measurements of 0.28 x 6.07 x 9.63 inches in length, width, and height make it a compact device.

Decent storage and memory:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite comes with 128 GB of storage, and 4 GB of high-quality RAM makes it a device for downloading videos and much more.

If you are looking for an attractive gift for your kid, you can buy it because the 4 GB is more than enough for gaming and video streaming.

Android OS:

Do you want a simple and easy-to-operate tablet?

Then this tablet from Samsung is for you because it comes with Android OS?

Besides the easy-to-use function, it is derived from Linux OS, known for its high-class security features and brilliant flexibility.


Moreover, the battery timing of this tablet is more than 13 hours of talk time, video streaming, and a lot more.

With this batter timing, you don’t need to buy a power bank because 13 hours is more than sufficient for all types of work, including creating a presentation, online video streaming, and web browsing.

Additional Features:

Another striking feature of this device is its S Pen.

Therefore, with the use of this signature pen can write directly into the PDF and also write memos.

Further, the 8 Megapixel rear and the zoomable camera is the best webcam because it 1920*1200 screen resolution.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Processor Octa-core
Storage 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.4-inch
Operating System Android
Battery Life 13 hours
Weight 1.02 pound (463 grams)

Why should you buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite?

Do you want a low-budget tablet but from a top-selling brand with a 10-inch display, then this tablet from Samsung is for you.

Besides, the 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of decent memory makes it an ideal tablet if you’re in search of a great and durable digital device for kid’s entertainment.

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3. New Apple iPad

New Apple iPad - Best 10-inch TabletsAnother one from Apple is the new iPad 10.2 inch 8 Generation tablet as it has the right display size for a business and teaching professional.

Moreover, it has 32 GB of storage which may seem a drawback, but this storage is enough if you want a tablet just for video streaming and professional use rather than using it for gaming.

Light and compact:

The weight of one of the best 10-inch tablets is only 1.1 pounds which makes it a portable device that can be carried out wherever you go.

Also, it measures 10.33 x 7.27 x 2.02, which shows how compact this tablet is.

Besides, it has a 10.2-inch retina display which is way better than IPS LCD.

Long-lasting battery:

A tablet is useless if it doesn’t come with a long-lasting battery.

That’s why this tablet has a battery timing of 10 hours.

In that time, you can perform everything you want using this digital device. Moreover, this battery timing is much better than its previous edition.

With the latest processor:

This best 10-inch iPad features an A12 Bionic chipset which consists of 6.1 billion transistors which are 60 percent extra than Samsung’s snapdragon 835 which is its rival.

This quality makes it the best chipset in the world with powerful performance.

So, the inclusion of this chipset in this iPad makes it the best-performing tablet.

Additional Features:

Further, it accomplishes an 8 megapixel rear which you can use to take photos that can be edited using AI technology.

Also, the fast wireless internet is ensured by the 802.11ac wireless network version.

The stereo speakers and lightning connector for attaching accessories and charging.

Specifications of New Apple iPad
Processor A12 Bionic chip
Storage 32GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 1.2 MP
Display 10.2-inch
Operating System iOS
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.09 pound (495 grams)

Why should you buy New Apple iPad?

Are you in search of a wifi tablet for your kids?

Or If you are looking for an easy-to-use tablet, then buying this best cheap 10-inch tablet is our recommendation for you.

Additionally, it is a complete tablet because everything a customer demands in a tablet is available there.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Best 10-inch TabletsDo you want a performance of a desktop on a tablet?

Yes, looking at the performance delivering capability, which this one of the top 10-inch tablets is.

Moreover, the slim and elegant design is aimed at targeting the hearts of the buyer.

Besides, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth which has a V5.0 edition for fast file transfer.

Snapdragon 865 chipset:

The best part is this tablet from Samsung comprises a Qualcomm-built Snapdragon 865 chip which has 7.5 Gbps up speed and 3.5 Gbps of downs less which is remarkable that’s why it outperforms various high-end PCs available in the market these days. 

Great battery standby:

This best android 10-inch tablet has more hours of battery timing as it offers 15-hour use on a single charge.

Moreover, with this charge, you can do all your tablet-related duties like assignment making and business memos preparation if you belong to finance or academia.

It can get its 80% chargeback in a single hour of charging due to its fast charging tech.

Storage and RAM:

Many people only look at the storage of a digital device before buying; they want to store their favorite movies and shows.

To solve this problem, it comes with 256 GB of SSD storage which is the high-quality version of storage.

Further, the 8 GB DDR4 RAM makes it one of the highly recommended tablet

Additional features:

Additionally, this tablet’s screen resolution is 2560 by 1600 pixels which is excellent for streaming HD movies and playing multiplayer games.

Chiefly, it has dual bandwidth support means all types of devices can get hotspots from this tablet.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Processor Octa-core
Storage 128GB / 256GB
Camera Rear – 13 MP(wide) + 5 MP(ultra-wide) | Front – 8 MP
Display 10.5-inch
Operating System Android
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 0.95 pound (431 grams)

Why should you buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

Do you love to have an android tablet with the utmost features and ultimate performance?

If yes you then you are at the perfect point.

Because its tendency to do tasks like PC makes it one of the most popular tablets all around the world.

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5. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go - Best 10-inch TabletsHere we introduce you to one of the top 10-inch tablets named Microsoft Surface Go.

Mainly, this tablet contains an impressive dual-nature design and attracts half of the universe.

Because of this design, it is used for laptops as well. Hence, even due to laptop mode, it weighs only 1.3lbs which is easy to carry.

Moreover, it is highly portable and has earned a lot of fame, but it costs 510$.

Dual nature:

Notably, this best windows 10-inch tablet includes dual nature and works effectively both as a tablet and laptop.

For laptop mode, it comes with a type cover and kickstand to fix it firmly.

Besides, remove this stand and cover to use it as a tablet again.

Moreover, it is easy to attach and remove the cover; in conversion, it takes only a few seconds.

Versatile and portable:

This tablet is mainly versatile due to its 1.3 lbs weight, small size, and flexible structure.

Besides, all these factors, along with its dual nature, make it portable.

Because due to its compact size, it can easily fit in a bag and doesn’t consume much space.

Fast and efficient:

Amazingly, this fast and efficient tablet includes a powerful processor and long battery life for better outcomes.

Besides, this processor maintains the whole structure of this tablet.

And its productive battery keeps this tablet effective all day.

Moreover, due to both these factors, this tablet can run multiple software apps.

Additional features:

Most importantly, most people often ask what impressive features make it convenient to use?

It contains a USB connector, powerful audio speakers, and an incredible touch screen make it ideal for professional use.

Hence, these features make it best for storing large files.

Specifications of Microsoft Surface Go
Processor Intel Pentium Gold
Storage 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10-inch
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 9 hours
Weight 1.15 pound (522 grams)

Why should you buy Microsoft Surface Go?

Chiefly, this amazing tablet includes a large screen due to which offers HD displays.

But they provide HD movies with 1800×1200 pixels for high resolution.

Besides, for reliable use, it gives a pen surface with a rubber.

Moreover, it is compatible with multiple devices for fast performance.

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6. New Apple iPad Air

New Apple iPad Air - Best 10-inch TabletsNew Apple iPad is a versatile tablet that offers stunning 10.9 inches displays to get real-life experience.

Notably, on this screen, you must see original wide colors using P3.

However, a Neural engine is present to edit images and to create elegant presentations.

Moreover, for secure and straightforward use, it offers a pencil for writing.

Further, to get a notification about this tablet, let’s dig deep into its product review.

Smart camera:

Make a selfie expert with this tablet because it features a 7 MP front camera ideal for HD pictures.

And also, enjoy high-quality images with a 12 MP back camera.

Besides, this camera makes it the most glamorous product ever.

Moreover, due to exceptional cameras, it is going as top rated.

With neural engine:

Amazingly, this tablet offers a neural engine that provides effective learning about every aspect of this tablet.

But this neural engine works with the CPU to give better and creative working ability.

Moreover, when this engine works with HD displays, it offers wide images with enhanced and beautiful colors.

Creative design:

Most importantly, this best tablet offers an innovative light design that allows you to keep up anywhere.

It contains only 1.01 pounds weight, 10 hours of battery timing, and a USB port.

Besides, USB connectors offer fast charging with less consumption of energy.

Moreover, its lightweight adds portability to its structure.

Additional features:

Chiefly, this tablet offers some other unique features despite the above features.

It includes stereo speakers, the latest technology, and exceptional security.

Besides, it provides a magic keyboard to write on it with a pencil.

Moreover, this pencil will not damage the screen but make it durable.

Specifications of New Apple iPad Air
Processor A14 Bionic chip
Storage 64GB / 256GB
Camera Rear – 12 MP | Front – 7 MP
Display 10.9-inch
Operating System iOS
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1 pound (458 grams)

Why should you buy New Apple iPad Air?

Notably, this is one of the best tablets, which offers 64 GB storage to store bulky files and apps.

But this storage is not expandable, hence best to meet your desires.

Moreover, it is easy to use with a pencil, and this pencil will never damage your screen.


7. Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 - Best 10-inch TabletsFire HD provides HD displays with 10.1 inches screen and 1080p.

Notably, due to its high-resolution power, it is ideal for HD movies and videos.

Besides, this tablet can be quickly charged due to USB-C and consumes only 9W energy in 4 hours.

Moreover, it offers up to 12 hours of battery timing.

Further, it offers the latest operating system with enhanced Wifi.

Additionally, for getting further knowledge, have a site below.

Incredible processor:

Mainly, this tablet offers 30% faster results due to its powerful processor.

As it includes 2 GHz frequency and 2GB RAM, it works as fast as clouds.

Besides, due to maximum frequency, it is the best and productive tablet that offers a fast working capacity.

Works with Alexa:

Amazingly, it works with Alexa to connect you with the latest information with your voice.

Thus, ask Alexa to provide the latest updates and new Netflix movies.

It responds immediately in just a few seconds and gives you the information which you want.

Moreover, it keeps your device compatible with other digital devices.

Protective tablet:

Notably, this tablet features a slim and soft fitting case with magnetic closure.

Besides, this safe closure makes it protective and attractive.

Hence, it provides safe and strong buttons, ports, and covering.

Moreover, due to its durable design and protection, it can last longer.

Additional features:

Most importantly, this best tablet offers HD displays so that you can enjoy streaming videos on Netflix.

Also, it includes a 2 MP front camera for best selfies and a 720p video camera for HD video.

Moreover, for fast charging and sharing of heavy files, it includes vital USB ports.

Specifications of Amazon Fire HD 10
Processor 2.0 GHz Octa-core
Storage 32GB / 64GB
Camera Rear – 2 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 1.11 pound (504 grams)

Why should you buy Amazon Fire HD 10?

Chiefly, it is one of the popular 10-inch tablets which works with Alexa voice for maximum compatibility.

Besides, its 12 hours battery timing, expandable storage, and 2 GHz core processor make it a perfect choice for buyers.

Moreover, due to its reasonable price you can easily buy it.

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8. Lenovo TAB M10 Plus

Lenovo TAB M10 Plus - Best 10-inch TabletsNotably, Lenovo is one of the best 10-inch tablets with premium features and unique design.

Besides, it offers an octa-core CPU to maintain the working ability of this tablet.

Hence, for reliable and better displays, it includes 330 nits.

Also, it features an exceptional camera, expandable SD card, and side speakers for the best performance.

Moreover, for other information, have a glimpse below.

With core processor:

Mainly, this tablet features a powerful and robust 2.3 GHz core processor.

Besides, this processor maintains the whole working procedure and enhances its performance.

Also, this processor makes this tablet more elegant and fast due to the 2.3 GHz frequency.

Safe to use:

Amazingly, excessive usage of any digital device damages your eyes, so prevent them and use this tablet.

It is best and safe due to protective screen glass.

Also, it is safe to use due to smart parental controls.

Moreover, this tablet is safe and secure for use as well as for health.

Powerful performance:

Mainly, this best tablet features high-quality performance due to 10.3 inches FHD screen.

It also includes 32 GB memory storage, 2GB RAM, and the latest pie 9 operating systems.

Also, due to these features, its ratings improve and make its performance reliable.

Additional features:

Most importantly, this excellent tablet offers various unique features.

It includes two speakers for exceptional speed; for maximum storage, it provides 32 GB storage capacity and a 7 hours battery timing.

Moreover, for expanded storage, it provides expansion slots.

Further, for amazing pictures and video recording, it offers an excellent camera.

Specifications of Lenovo TAB M10 Plus
Processor 2.3 GHz Octa-core
Storage 32GB / 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.3-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 8 hours
Weight 1.5 pound (680 grams)

Why should you buy Lenovo TAB M10 Plus?

Amazingly, this tablet is convenient because of its 2.3 GHz processor and advanced operating system.

Besides, this is the first incredible tablet which weighs 1.5 pounds, and its price is just 149$.

Additionally, this tablet is safe for kids’ eyes because of its unique protective screen.


9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch - Best 10-inch TabletsSamsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch is the best tablet for entertainment due to its widescreen.

Chiefly, this touchscreen delivers 1920×1200 pixels for high resolution.

Besides, the lightweight metal design makes it premium for holding with 3.87 ounces.

Moreover, Android pie 9 operating systems with the latest 802.11 ac adds it to the list of best tablets.

HD display:

Notably, this tablet features a 10.1 inches screen for enjoying stream and browse.

It offers HD displays with minimal bezel and maximum view due to 1920×1200 pixels.

Besides, high pixels provide high resolution and entertain us; hence your whole family can enjoy movies, videos, and games on this large screen.

Worthy battery:

Mainly, this tablet offers a long-lasting battery that, once fully charged, remains effective all day without charging.

Besides, it provides a battery life of up to 13 hours which is awesome.

Isn’t it Worthy?

Yeah, it is. So, enjoy movies and other your favorite shows on this tablet.

Expandable storage:

Chiefly, this tablet features expandable storage with hefty memory.

It offers 32 GB storage, but if you think you need maximum storage to expand it up to 512 GB when required.

Additional features:

Most importantly, this excellent tablet offers exceptional features that make it versatile and durable.

It includes a light metal body, 2.0 USB ports, 2.4 and 5 GHz, and an SD card.

All these features make this table highly portable and reliable.

Hence, it also expands its storage for future use.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch
Processor Octa-core
Storage 32GB / 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 13 hours
Weight 1.03 pound (469 grams)

Why should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch?

Amazingly, this is one of the best tablets, which offers the latest pie 9 operating systems with maximum dual bandwidth.

Besides, it provides 2.0 ports for enhanced storage.

Moreover, it comes in just 229$ with a minimal bezel and goes as a top-reviewed product.

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10. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2 - Best 10-inch Tablets

Microsoft Surface Go is one of the best 10-inch tablets, ideal for keeping up anywhere you want.

Mainly, this portable, versatile tablet offers an incredible large touch screen, but it weighs only 1.2 pounds.

Besides, long battery timing and windows security make it effective for all-day use.

Moreover, for learning about its specs in detail, have a site below.

Portable and versatile tablet:

Chiefly, this tablet features a portable and versatile design with incredible performance.

It contains only 1.2 pounds which makes it portable to hold up.

Besides, as it has dual nature, it works like both laptop and tablet.

Moreover, to make a versatile laptop, it comes with a type cover and kickstand.

Outstanding screen:

Amazingly, the 10.5-inch screen adds more versatility to this tablet and makes it best for multi-purposes.

Due to the large screen, students can do their homework and can make their learning easier.

Moreover, you can also enjoy HD movies and TV shows with 1920×1280 pixels.

Pen surface:

Mainly, like other professional tablets, this tablet also offers a pen surface.

Besides, this tablet provides a smoother and better pen surface than ever for high-level use.

Moreover, capture thoughts and write on its sensitive surface effortlessly.

Further, kids can write online tests on this screen without any lag.

Additional features:

Specifically, despite the above features, there is also another set of unique eye-appealing features.

It offers comprehensive security with a fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers for ultra audio, and a mobile mouse for enhanced typing speed.

Specifications of Microsoft Surface Go 2
Processor Intel Pentium Gold
Storage 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.5-inch
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.22 pound (553 grams)

Why should you buy Microsoft Surface Go 2?

Notably, this tablet is exceptional to use all day because it offers 10 hours of battery life.

Besides, it works efficiently even in the last 20%.

Moreover, its dual nature increases its ranking and makes it the best-reviewed product.

Further, it has 64 GB of memory capacity for maximum storage.



We hope that after thoroughly reading this review, you’re now in the position to select the one from the above-given list of 10 best 10-inch tablets.

Besides, all these products are top-selling and highly recognized, so don’t worry about the quality and integrity.

Besides, we have included these tablets in our list after detailed research on several tablets available in the market.

Moreover, we have found these 10 tablets the most suitable for inclusion in our review.

That’s why don’t waste your time now and pick the one that you think is right for you.

Are you unsure which one to pick from the list because you are a newbie and haven’t any experience purchasing any tablet?

Then we recommend you buy Microsoft Surface Go because it has windows mode, which is a popular OS, unlike Mac, and way too easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best 10-inch tablet for watching movies?

New Apple iPad mini Gen 4 is the best tablet for watching movies because it comes with a 10.1-inch retina display. Moreover, the A12 Bionic processor is packed in this 10-inch tablet to process data faster than ever.

What to look for in the 10-inch tablet for gaming?

Microsoft Surface Go is the best tablet for gaming with a 10-inch high-resolution display. Besides, it features 8 GB DDR4 RAM and 128 SSD storage to feed you your demands. Moreover, the processor included in this tablet gives you an edge in games like PUBG and a lot more.

How much storage is right in the 10-inch tablet?

If you have no desire to store a lot of HD videos and movies, then a tablet with minimum storage like 32 GB is enough for your routine tasks. But if you are a gamer or movie lover, then a minimum of 256 GB storage tablet is recommended. 

What things to look at before buying a tablet?

There are the following things to check in the tablet before buying:

  • Display size
  • Battery timing
  • Storage and Memory
  • Processor
  • Wifi or Cellular or Both
  • Camera and screen resolution

Can I use the internet on my tablet if it doesn’t have cellular network support?

Yes, you can get access to the internet using a tablet with cellular data or in case your tablet has no cellular support. The only thing you have to do is to turn on wifi and get connected over a wifi network.