Best Tablets for Lightroom and Photoshop

Best Tablets for Lightroom and Photoshop

Choosing the best tablet for lightroom is a hard task, but it can be made easier with some knowledge of what you’re looking for. Tablets have become an essential part our lives and there’s no shortage in how they could potentially improve yours! For example: some people use tablets to keep up on their favorite shows while others find joy reading books or playing games from them; whatever your needs may be – we’ve got something here that’ll meet all desires.

A tablet is a great way to edit images faster than ever before. It’s also essential if you want the best photo editing apps on your device, so we’ve compiled this list of “Best Tablets for Lightroom”. Let’s jump right into it!

Best Tablets for Lightroom – Our Top Picks!

It can be difficult to find the right tablet for lightroom. There are dozens of options available, and you may not know which one is best suited towards your needs! We’ve researched all major brands in order find three that will work well with our imaging software; each has different pros/ cons based on price range or performance level–so read carefully before making any decisions about which model suits YOU best!

We’ll do all the research for you.
We know how overwhelming it can be to learn about different lighting gear, camera settings and more; that’s why our team of experts has compiled this review so users like yourself don’t have spend hours upon end searching high-and low on Google or YouTube trying figure out which product will best suit them!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 –  Most Recommended 

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - Best Tablets for Lightroom

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a powerful Windows tablet that comes with an impressive display of 12.3 inches and 2736 x 1824 pixels, which makes the perfect pairing to work on your images both at home or in studio settings! We loved how lightweight this device was as well – weighing just 1.73 pounds means you can take it anywhere without worry about back strain when working for extended periods of time–plus it’s super easy-to pull out any time during project workflow if needed (no sticking required).

This is a great Core i5 processor tablet for those who need the processing power of an Intel Core. It’s also really easy to work with and can be purchased at such affordable prices, making this device perfect for people looking into purchasing their first computer! What we didn’t like about it? Well that there isn’t built in disc drive so if you want CDs or DVDs then make sure you have one already beforehand before buying this product.

Computing Power

If you are looking for an affordable laptop replacement, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is one of the best options out there. It features 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5 processing power to run demanding software like Lightroom at professional levels without any lag or slow down!
This tablet has also been optimized with Windows 10 so that it can be used in place of your traditional computer while still providing all its perks such as being able work wherever.

With a front and back facing camera, the new portable tablet will be able to take amazing photos no matter where you travel. You can use these cameras for photoshop or any other software that needs high quality images such as lightroom!

Specifications Of Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Processor Intel Core i5 processor
Storage 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 12.3-inch
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 13.5 hours
Weight 1.73 pounds (785 grams)
Pros Cons
Long battery life No built-in disc drives
Reliable performance A bit expensive when compared to other models
Many advanced sensors like Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope
Good display

Our Verdict:

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is one of my first picks when it comes to photo editing tablets. With its sleek, lightweight design and powerful processing power – this tablet will make your images look better than ever before!


2. Apple iPad Pro 2020 –  Best Overall 

Apple iPad Pro Space Gray 2020 - Best Tablets for Lightroom

The Apple iPad Pro is an incredible tablet for photo editing. It has many features that make it one of the best tablets on today’s market, and if you’re looking to work with your pictures in a new way – this could be just what you need!

What we love about this tablet is the fact that it comes with a stunning display of 12.9 inches and has an Edge-to-Edge Liquid Retina Display, which means you can edit your images easily on its gorgeous screen without worrying about any pixelation or distortion – just like how things should look in real life! The wide color gamut also makes for even more vibrant pictures as well; plus P3 ensures there’s no lack when viewing those delicate shades delicately picked out by artist brushes across canvas surfaces centuries ago (or today).

The durability and power of this tablet is rivaled by none. It lasts for 10 hours on a single charge, which means that you can use it all day long without the need to recharge!
Whether performing tasks such as watching videos or listening to music, this product will never let down its user with an excellent battery life like most other tablets in today’s market do (especially if they only last 5-6 hours).

Powerful Duo

The iPad Pro is a great tool for photo editing, as it has two other features that make the tablet one of the best on which to work. The A12Z Bionic Chip makes working with images easy and enjoyably so; while also being accurate in its precision when drawing lines or using an app like Photoshop CC – giving you more freedom than ever before!

The iPad Pro is a versatile tablet that can be used in many ways to enhance your work. It includes the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, which makes it easier for you to take notes or draw things on-the go without having any problems with inputting data into software programs like Microsoft Word® . Additionally USB 3 connects this device alongside fast charging capabilities so using up power won’t affect how long one gets through an entire project! But there are some factors worth considering before purchasing such as its bulkiness given the thicker dimensions compared other tablets available today; however these issues don’t necessarily outweigh all benefits of owning one because users who need their devices super portable might find another model more suitable depending upon needs.

The price of this tablet is one thing that we didn’t like about it. The lack of affordability means you can get similar products with better features at more affordable prices, so be careful before buying if money isn’t an issue for you! It also comes standard without the Apple Pencil which may seem unnecessary or expensive since they are sold separately but in reality these accessories help increase productivity when using tablets because there’s no need to worry about having paper available anywhere nearby anymore (and who doesn’t love saving some trees?).

Specifications Of Apple iPad Pro 2020

Processor A12Z Bionic chip
Storage 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Camera Rear – 12 MP | Front – 7 MP
Display 12.9-inch
Operating System iPadOS 
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.42 pounds (643 grams)
Pros Cons
Stunning display Quite expensive
Many great features like A12Z Bionic Chip, USB-C Connector, Apple Pencil, etc Newer models have more features
Lasts for a long time on a single charge
Support for Magic Keyboard

Our Verdict:

The Apple iPad Pro is a fantastic choice if you are looking for an integrated tablet with great features and one of the most beautiful designs on the market. The A12Z Bionic Chip combined with its smart Pencil will help users edit their images quickly, which makes it possible to produce professional quality pieces in just minutes rather than hours or days!


3. VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro

VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro - Best Tablets for Lightroom

If you are looking for a tablet that will allow you to edit your images like the pros, then look no further than this VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro. With its amazing design and features as well as hardware specs powered by 4 GB RAM 8 Core 12nm chip – it’s easy export quality photos with high consistency in post production!

The tablet has been built for photo editing, so it will allow you to have a smooth experience when working on your images. It comes with features that make the task of editing easy and enjoyable as well! The 6000mah battery allows this device last longer than most other tablets–and its fast-charging system makes charging convenient too.

The A10 is a 10-inch tablet that can run all of your favorite programs and you won’t have to worry about compatibility because it has the latest Bluetooth 5.0, so transferring files from one device will be quick! Not only does this little guy offer an excellent screen but also allows for stylus use with optional graphics pens as well–perfect if drawing isn’t really something people do on tablets very often or ever at all.

The OTG-enabled tablet surprises us with its amazing extra features. The face unlock, GPS and wireless projection are just a few of the great tools to have on hand!

You also get Google Voice Assistant on this tablet.

Specifications Of VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro

Processor 1.8 GHz Octa-Core
Storage 64GB (Expandable up to 512GB)
Camera Rear – 13 MP | Front – 8MP
Display 10-inch
Operating System Android 10.0
Battery Life 11 hours
Weight 3.5 pounds (1587 grams)
Pros Cons
Bluetooth 5.0 & 5G WIFI The Brand is not well-known
6000mah battery
It comes with Google Voice Assistant
Different ports to connect your devices
Stylus Pen

Our Verdict:

The VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro is a 10 inch tablet that offers the perfect balance of performance and creativity. It’s been designed with professionals in mind, offering an amazing variety from its powerful hardware to support tasks like editing images seamlessly without any lag time or stuttering effects when working on projects at home or while traveling abroad – all thanks to this device’s extended battery life!


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 - Best Tablets for Lightroom

The 11-inch Android tablet from Samsung is our favorite pick for the best lightroom tablet. Offering top quality performance and stunning visuals, this device will have you editing in no time with ease!

Powered by a 2.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 offers smooth and consistent performance so you can use multiple apps simultaneously without any lag. It also has 6GB RAM to support all your browsing needs as well as entertainment!

This tablet is a sleek, elegant device with premium features that make it feel like an expensive product. The gentle curve and slim bezels give the user a better viewing experience as well at their fingertips!

This device has a sleek and fancy design, but don’t let its good looks fool you. This tablet is just as practical when in use! It offers an 11″ screen with protective Gorilla Glass 3 so that your display won’t get broken too easily from day-to cover anything up or scratch easier than normal glass surfaces of other devices on the market today . Plus at 1 pound/0..5kg weight class this thing can go anywhere without being cumbersome – even if its new carrying case says otherwise 😉

This tablet runs on the Android Tablet Operating System, which offers a ton of apps and tools to help you get the most out of your tablet. As an added bonus, there’s also the option to add Microsoft Office Suite.

Long-lasting battery

The tablet comes with a 7,040mAh battery and in our testing it lasted 9 hours on one charge. So far we’ve been really impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 but there are some downsides too which we’ll discuss below!

Despite its features, this tablet is pretty expensive and might not be affordable for most users. There are also some problems with apps that don’t work well but fear not because we have tested lightroom on it – you will love using this tool!

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Processor Octa-core (3.09GHz + 2.4GHz + 1.8GHz)
Storage 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB
Camera Rear – 13 MP | Front – 8 MP
Display 11-inch
Operating System Android 10
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 1.8 pounds (816 grams)


Pros Cons
Impressive performance Some apps don’t function properly
Fast Charging
The keyboard and Stylus included support
Elegant design
Large Display

Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a tablet that looks good and performs fantastically as well, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the best option currently on sale.

5. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet –  Best Budget Choice 

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet - Best Tablets for Lightroom

Lenovo’s Tab M10 Plus tablet is one of the most affordable options on this list that offers a solid performance. It features an elegant design and 10-inch FHD display, making it look like an iPad while ensuring you enjoy your favorite movies or music without having to use earphones or speakers!

The tablet comes with 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough for any graphic intensive program such as Adobe Lightroom. This Lenovo Android 9 Pie based device offers a seamless user experience and you can run multiple apps simultaneously without the device slowing down or crashing!

The light and compact device has a 5,000mAh battery which provides up to 10 hours of use on one charge.

Octa-core Processor

This tablet is one of the most reliable devices on the market right now. It has an octa-core processor with 2.3 GHz speed, which makes it a great choice for everyday use and gaming alike! The 8MP rear camera can take clear photos as well as videos up to 1080P@30fps+, while also being able to focus quickly in dim lighting conditions thanks its 5MP front facing shooter that does not skip any moment during video calls or Skype sessions.

Not only can you connect this device to your computer via a Bluetooth 5.0, headphone jack and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n but it also has an SD card slot so that users may add more storage space for any app or photo they might need quick access too
I’ve been using my new tablet in lightroom without experiencing any major problems thus far which is really great because I usually have issues when switching back from editing images on there onto another platform such as Bridge etc.

Specifications of Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Processor 2.3 GHz Octa-core
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear –  8 MP | Front –  5 MP
Display 10.3-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.5 pounds (680 grams)
Pros Cons
Intuitive and responsive UI Not as powerful as other devices on this list
Kids Mode No Stylus
Affordable Price
Good display
Stunning display
Great audio quality
Smooth performance

Our Verdict:

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a great choice for affordable tablets and it comes with everything you need to get started. It offers a great display, good audio quality, and is easy to carry around. Overall, this tablet is perfect for those who are on a budget.


What To Look For When Buying Tablets for Lightroom?

A tablet for Adobe Lightroom is necessary to use the editing features, but it can be difficult finding one that works well. There are many qualities you need to take into account when choosing your perfect lightroom tablet like material composition and size as these two will affect how smooth or gritty drawing feels on screen with styluses ranging in price depending upon what level of quality you want (some cheaper ones don’t work too well).
It’s also important keep an eye out if there any added features such as active pen support which allows designers more ways than ever before interact directly within their creative process without having alt-click through every menu option each time!

1. Screen Size

A tablet is an expensive investment for your photography business so it’s important to get one that has the right size screen. If you have a big TV or monitor in front of you, then using this device will be like editing on PowerPoint; however if not (like most photographers), zooming in and out may become difficult because everything looks pixelated when zoomed into small areas – especially near edges where there are fewer pixels per inch than centrally located ones.

2. The Processor

You need to make sure that your processor is in the right range before buying a tablet. A 1.5 GHz processor can take up too much time when editing images, while 3GHz may seem like overkill for day-to-day work!
A decent model should have at least 2GB of Ram and be powered by an Intel Core i3 or better (2 GB minimum).

3. RAM

The more RAM you have the smoother your performance will be. So, it is also necessary for you to choose a tablet with at least 4GB of this important memory above! That way if lightroom doesn’t run as fast on that particular model then there’s plenty left over and hopefully some other apps won’t slow down either (or vice versa).

4. Storage

A tablet without enough storage will be useless. You don’t want to get a low-quality device that doesn’t have room for anything important, so make sure you look at how much internal memory your potential purchase has before making any purchases or committing yourself!
The best way is by checking out all available features and seeing what size they offer – whether it’s 16GB let alone 32 GB–and if this meets both needs which are ease of use AND good image quality.

5. Battery Life

A tablet’s battery life is an important thing to consider when choosing one.  You’ll want a device with at least 6-10 hours of battery, and the ideal range for most people would be 8 -12 depending on how often they use their tablets (and if it has WiFi or cellular data).


Tablets are a perfect combination of portability and performance. This makes them the best choice for lightroom users who want to get great results from their images, as tablets offer increased speed in processing data with incredible battery life!

When it comes to tablets, the more options you have the better. If getting an excellent image quality with your tablet is what gets you excited then go ahead and choose one from our selection!

If you’re still confused about which one to pick then, I personally recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 because it’s a perfect combination of quality and efficiency in terms of power.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself a tablet today!
I hope this list was helpful. If you liked it, please share with your friends to help them too- also if there’s anything else on your mind feel free to leave us an comment below – I would love hearing from all of my readers 🙂

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog post on tablets for photography.


Are tablets a good way to edit photos with Lightroom?

A tablet is a great substitute for your laptop because it has all the features you need to edit photos and videos, including those advanced editing tools that laptops typically don’t have. Tablets also provide portability so if take them with me on trips where space might be an issue like when traveling by airplane or car then I’m good!

Which one is the best tablet for Adobe Lightroom?

It really depends on your needs and budget. However, out of all the tablets we have listed above, which are suitable for Lightroom most of them feature powerful hardware and are a perfect combination of efficiency and quality.

However, if you have a smaller budget, then go for the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus because it is a pretty efficient tablet for Adobe Lightroom.

Which tablet is best for video editing?

The most suitable tablet for video editing is the Apple iPad Pro. This tablet features a powerful processor and is quite efficient as compared to other tablets.

However, if you have a limited budget, then go for the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus Tablet because it features a powerful processor and a large screen which are the perfect combination for video editing.

Which is the best tablet for photography?

There are many good tablets for photography; we have reviewed some of them in another post. If you are interested in photography, then check out our post on the best tablets for photography.

Can you edit on a tablet?

Yes, of course, you can edit on a tablet. Moreover, most people prefer editing images on tablets because they are portable, and you can easily carry them with your wherever you go. Plus, editing images on tablets is quite comfortable and effective too.

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