Best Operating System for Tablets – Choose According to your Need!

Best Operating System for Tablets

While buying the tablets, the operating system is one of the most important factors everyone needs to look at.

Tablet UI and performance also depend on the Operating system, so everyone is looking to buy the best and perfect one for themselves. The operating system allows users to perform different tasks on tablets.

It allows you to run different applications and software. Every Tablet, PC, Smartphone, or Laptop comes with specific operating systems.

The most common and popular operating systems for tablets are following:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS
  • Google Android

Every operating system has its own pros and cons, and features. While buying the tablets, it completely depends on which operating system tablet you want to buy.

Before I start explaining the operating systems, I think let me give you a brief explanation of the operating system. 

What is an Operating System?

Operating System is a system application or software which manages the computer hardware and all the essential requirements of the software.

Moreover, it provides services to the users and allows them to run different software.

It performs basic tasks like Memory Managements, process management, and handling input and output devices such as Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, and many others. 

The features of each operating system are unique. Different device operating systems have various features from each other. Some of the common features are given below: 

  • Memory Management.
  • Manage the Input and Output Devices.
  • Security Issues.
  • Control over System Performance.
  • Detecting Errors.
  • File Management.

Top 3 Operating Systems for Tablets

1. Apple OS

Apple launched iPadOS, which is a separate operating system for iPads. This OS brought a new revolution in the Tablets Markets.

It’s a rebuild variant of iOS, the operating system which is used in the Apple iPhones and iPods.

This new iPad OS comes with new features specially designed for iPads like Keyboard Support and Multitasking.

The OS for iPads released back in 2019 with the name iPad OS 13. This OS is going to rule over iOS 12, which is the iOS version of Android devices at that time. 

The Apple OS offers you every app which you need in your daily life. Not just sticks to daily life apps, but you can explore AppStore, which has over 300,000 apps and games.

Moreover, when it comes to security, Apple devices are at the top of the list. So if you have a concern about security, then Apple is the best choice for you. 

With the latest release of iPadOS 14, you get new features like Augmented Reality, Support Apple Pencil, and news apps.

The future of iOS devices looks completely secure. Millions of iPhones and iPads are sold every year. Apple’s best thing is that they continue updating the old product for a long time.

It means now the old iPads offer you the same features as you get in iPad 2. Crazy Right? 

The only drawback is Bluetooth Connection. You are bound to pair the Apple iPad with Apple Devices. But it’s not a problem for anyone.

You have tons of different ways of transferring the data. 

2. Google Android

Android Operating Systems is also another best and famous Operating System for Tablets. It was first released back in 2007.

After 1 year, in Sept 2008, they released the first device running Android Operating System.

Android is the mobile operating system that is based on modified versions of Linux Kernel and much other open-source software. As it’s open-source, so everyone is able to make some changes to it. 

Apple OS is more secure than Android, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good OS. Android is the top rival of Apple OS. I think it’s going to remain forever.

A few of the companies which are using Android OS on their tablets are Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, etc. When it’s come to price, Android Tablets are quite cheaper than iPads.

But still, they are offering new features. The drawback which comes in Android tablets is No New Updates. It means old tablets are not going to receive the Latest OS Update.

 When it comes to Applications, then it is superior to the iPads. As Android is an open-source platform, so every developer uploads their app on the PlayStore, and they easily approve it.

While compared to AppStore, you need to go through such a long process. For this reason, Google PlayStore has over 3 Million apps.

The latest released Android version is 11, which is known as Android 11. Another major difference is that Android tablets don’t rely on the PC or Laptop for Updates.

Everything is being controlled over the Wifi or 3G connection using your Google Account. 

Another good factor of using an Android tablet is that all of your important data is synced over the Google Account. It means your data is still safe if you ever lost your tablet.

But the disadvantage is Google has full access to your email and contacts. 

3. Microsoft Windows

Windows is one of the most famous Operating Systems ever used once in their life. With The release of Windows 10, they start focusing on developing windows for both PC and tablets.

Now you can also see that many laptops come with touch screen features and can also be used in Tablet mode. 

Windows on the tablets are able to run all the software which you use on your PC or Laptops.

So if you are not a die-hard fan of Apple, then the Windows OS Tablets are the best choice for you.

They are not the only available at a low price as compared to Apple Slates, but also offer you Portability.

Everyone is not able to handle the laptop all the time, so here are the Windows Tablets that work perfectly. 

Moreover, they have a pre-build Windows Store, which has all the important Apps which you need in your daily life routine.

You will not get every app and game on the Play Store and AppStore, which are the only drawbacks of Windows OS. But now, the developer is also focusing on publishing their apps on their platform.

Now different companies start manufacturing Windows Tablets with Screen Size range From 10-12 inches at an affordable price.

Windows are the best option for those who want to perform heavy-duty tasks. If you are a businessman or a student, then I recommend you to buy Windows Tablets.