24 Best Games for Android Tablets

Best Games for Android Tablets

With the increase in technology, the mobile gaming industry is also on BOOM! People love games on mobile devices like Android tablets, to release their stress and sharpen their minds.

Along with it, smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, but still, they are not the best to replace tablets.

Tablets are the best devices for gaming because they not only offer you a Larger Display but come with more portability.

If you are into gaming and have your personal tablet, then you need to know Best Games for Android Tablets.

In this article, we have listed dozens of free and pads games which fall into different categories. These categories include Action, Role Playing, Strategy, Racing, Thrilling, and many more.

If you are into gaming, then at least one single game suite with your nature. But if you are unable to find the best one, then I think you are not the true gamer. 

Best Free Games for Android Tablets

1. Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc - Best Android Games for Tablets

Rebel Inc is one of the best free games that you can download on your tablet. This game was developed by the same developer of Rebel Inc.

More than 1 million fans downloads on Google PlayStore. In 2002, the war was complete but the situation of the country was worse. The land was divided into different areas which were ruled by the Rebels.

But now your job is to start control. At the start of the game, no one is going to trust you. For this reason, you need to build health and education departments, upgrading water resources, and many more.


PUBG - Best Android Games for Tablets

Do you want to get some action right now? Or do you want to do long gossip calls with your friends while playing any game?

If yes, then PUBG is the only game that especially suits you. This is one of the emerging names in the gaming industry.

Millions of people from every part of this world are playing it with their friends all the time, and I am one of them. It’s a free game but comes with some paid things which you need to purchase.

Moreover, it’s an online game, so you definitely have a strong, active internet connection. Furthermore, you will get a real feel if you play on a larger screen like Apple iPads. 

3. Fortnite

Fortnite - Best Android Games for Tablets

Fortnite is an online gaming platform developed by Epic Games for every platform. These platforms include Android, iOS, Xbox One, and many others.

This game is a rival game of PUBG and has millions of downloads from PlayStore before the ban. Still, millions of players from all over the world are playing Fortnite with their friends.

It’s the best royale battle game that allows users to download and play this game for free. It offers you High-quality graphics which attract everyone towards it. 

4. Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go - Best Android Games for Tablets

If you are looking for the best and free android game, then I recommend you to check Pokemon Go. If you love Pokemon cartoons and love to capture your favorite character in real life, then this is only for you.

In this game, you are going to capture small and giant pokemon. You are free to go to parks, buildings, schools, and many scenic spots to find and capture the pokemon.

This game does not just stick to catch, but you can also check your pokemon power by having a fighting match with other players. Pokemon Go is the Best Android Game for Tablets, and it’s completely free. 

5. Hay Day

Hay Day - Best Android Games for Tablets

Ever dream of becoming an owner of your Farm? If not, then try to download the Hay Day game right now. Playing on a larger screen will give you a new feeling and quality graphics.

Seeing your animals like Cows, goats will help you to become a good farmer. It’s the perfect solution if you are tired from your study or work.

In the game, you are the owner of a small farm, and you need to grow them with few available seeds. Plenty of things are available in the game, which includes buying new pants and pets, Spinning Lucky Wheel every day, etc.

6. Swordigo

Swordigo - Best Android Games for Tablets

Want to do some adventure right now? If yes, then download Swordigo and start playing on your bigger screen.

Till now, this game has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with millions of fans from all over the world.

You’re playing a role of a teenage boy whose job is to save the people from the demon hand. Together with characters and players, we are going to explore many new areas.

Make sure to upgrade your characters because it’s essential for you in saving people. The easier way to upgrade your power is to level up in the game. 

7. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery - Best Android Games for Tablets

Am I damn sure every single person watches the Harry Potter Series? Right? If you are also a fan of this series, then you must want to try their spells.

You want to be Harry in your real life then with this game, you are going to complete your wish.

It turns into the character of Harry and allows you to learn new magical spells in Hogwart. Here you are able to find new friends and even enemies too. Every player has their unique power, unlike other players.

This game doesn’t just offer you fighting. You are going to study in the Hogwart for seven years like in the Movie. 

8. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 - Best Android Games for Tablets

Ever think of animal racing? If not, then why not try today with the release of the Beach Buggy Racing 2 game. Join the racing competition and star competitions tons of players from all over the world.

In this game, you are going to race through different locations, which include Egyptian pyramids, pirate shipwrecks, and dragon-infested castles, where you are going to face the dragons too.

You also need to upgrade your vehicle and hire new drivers to earn money in the game. More than 40 cars, 45 Powerups, are available which make it more interesting. 

9. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends - Best Android Games for Tablets

Do you Love to Play Racing games? If yes, then think on a screen size device; these games are going to be super exciting. Asphalt games always remain at the top of the list.

In this game, you are also going to drive your dream cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, and many others. These luxurious and speedy cars will give you the best racing experience on the tracks.

More than 50+ speedy cars available in the game. In addition, you are also free to customize your cars. You can add spoilers, change tires and paints. With its amazing sound and graphics quality, you love to play all the time. 

10. Clash Royale

Clash Royale - Best Android Games for Tablets

If you love to play Hay Day and Boom Beach, then you love to play another best game from the same developer. Clash Royale is one of the famous games with more than 20 million reviews on Google PlayStore.

The game offers you similar gameplay to Clash of Clans with new features. Moreover, it’s a multiplayer game which allows you to play with your friend too.

Clash Royale has similar characters with Clash of Clans, such as Barbarian Kings, Archers, and many others. Every character has different skills and power from each other.

Moreover, this game comes with two modes. 

11. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey - Best Android Games for Tablets

If you get bored from action and racing all the time, then try to download Alto’s Odyssey, which is the best casual game ever.

Plenty of tasks are available in the game, which stops gamers from getting bored of it. You love to play all the time. There are 6 characters available in the game with their own special skills.

Moreover, it also comes with Photo Mode which pauses the game and allows you to take the screenshot and share with your friend and family.

Wearing headphones is recommended while playing games to get the best expense of sound and music.

So let’s download this Best Games for Android Tablets right now!

12. CarX Drift Racing 2

CarX Drift Racing 2 - Best Android Games for Tablets

Here comes another best racing game on the list. With more than 1 million fans from all over the world join, so now it’s your turn.

While playing the game, make sure to use a technique to perform successful drift on the track. Don’t forget to achieve a higher score in the game by completing every level successfully.

This game is not similar to Asphalt Racing games. Different beauty locations or race tracks are in the game, such as Tokyo, San Palezzo, Milton Drive.

The levels are organized from lower difficulty level to higher one. In this game, you are going to become an owner of the best cars, including Sorrow, Syberia SWI, Kanniedood, etc. 

13. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter - Best Android Games for Tablets

This time we are not sharing the action, racing, or any kind of casual games. We are sharing the top best simulation game known as Fallout Shelter.

This game became the Best Mobile Game of the year award in 2016 and Best Handle Mobile game in 2015. Fallout Shelter is a simple and addictive game, and it is completely free.

In this game, you are going to build an underground shelter known as a vault for the people to avoid the nuclear bomb. Now only options of death and life are left behind.

You are the boss of the people, so you need to help them to expand the shelter while looking for food, water, and many other resources. 

Best Paid Games for Android Tablets

1. Dead Cells

Dead Cells - Best Android Games for Tablets

If you love playing Modern Classic Action games, then it’s going to fit with you. Dead Cells offer you stunning and beautiful graphics and come with different challenges and tasks.

In this game, a parasite in the form of a nucleus enters into the body of Warrior. Thanks to its smooth control mechanism, you are easily able to complete all the challenges.

Tons of tasks are available in the game. Moreover, this game has an easy-to-use interface that helps you from watching any tutorial to get started with it. Different Weapons are also there which help you in fighting. 

2. Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers - Best Android Games for Tablets

Summer Cachers is also another best adventure game which you can play to pass your time happily. It’s a newly released game, so not famous like Hay Day or Swordigo.

But still, it offers you interesting gameplay. In his game, the boy wakes up at a place that is full of snow and freezing weather. He forgot his name and everything about his life.

The only thing which helps remember is to find the Summer. Later on, this young boy meets a carpenter who is Wolf.

He helps him by giving his Wooden car and suggests to him that the Summer for which he is looking for is far from the ocean. 

3. Minecraft

Minecraft - Best Android Games for Tablets

Another Best Android Game for Tablets is known as Minecraft. With its Million of Fans from every part of the world, I am also one of them.

In this game, players take a character and are compelled free to do anything in the world.

This world is full of terrific things like Plans, Mountains, Hills, Swamps, Deserts, ETC. To survive in the game, you are going to kill animals for your food.

In the night, many monsters are waiting for any person to attack. These monsters include Spider, Zombies, Skeleton, etc. So you need to find shelter for your protection from these monsters once the night starts. 

4. Pocket City

Pocket City - Best Android Games for Tablets

Ever Dream to develop your own city? If not, then download Pocket City and make your dream come true. This game allows you to manage your whole city from building to cleaning crimes.

No paid items are available in the game. You can unlock everything using gameplay. In this game, you are going to build industrial, residential and commercial zones.

You also need to focus on crimes. Your job is to make your city always clean from crime.

Moreover, it’s an offline game, so you don’t need an active internet connection. Make sure to unlock new buildings and lands to expand your city. 

5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Best Android Games for Tablets

If you ever want to know which paid game you need to buy; then I recommend you to buy Stardew Valley. This game is available for both iOS and Android platforms and has millions of downloads on Google Play.

Stardew Valley falls in the Role Playing category, which allows you to build your small farm. At the start, you need to plant trees and harvest them and sell them to earn some raw material.

This game is famous among gamers because it has interesting tasks and stories, and secrets to explore.

To increase your income in the game, you need to meet new people and build new warm houses for them. 

6. LevelHead

Levelhead - Best Android Games for Tablets

Levelhead is a 2D Platformer Action game that is not so much famous but still quite an interesting task.

This game was developed by the Butterscotch Shenanigans publisher for both iOS and Android platforms. In this game, you are a new employee to the company of shipping.

Your company is shipping items and goods for hundreds of years. And now you are also a part of them. This game allows you to build your own Levels with hundreds of available items.

7. MudRunner

MudRunner - Best Android Games for Tablets

MudRunner is one of the best simulation games which give you a real hands-on experience on driving in off-road areas.

With this game, you are going to become a master of driving different vehicles in difficult areas. If you get bored with straight roads and supercars, then don’t worry, interesting and challenging roads are waiting for you!

In this game, you’re an epic driver who is going to test the driving skill on the road of Serbia. No one is going to help you; you are the only one. So you only have a Compass and Map on hand. 


ATOM RPG - Best Android Games for Tablets

ATOM RPG is another Role Playing game that is based on War between the Soviet Union and Western Bloc.

In the game, the Soviet soldier is the main character who is able to survive in the battle.

Moreover, a third party is going to destroy the things which are left behind. It’s not part of the Soviet Union and Western Bloc. To make this game for you, you need to find other survivors.

Because outside the battlefield, enemies, monsters are waiting for you. Along with teammates’s NCPs are also there to help you. They provide useful information to you and sometimes they also ask for help. 

9. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Shadow of Death Dark Knight - Best Android Games for Tablets

Another best-paid game which I recommend you to buy Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. It has millions of downloads and thousands of reviews on Google Play.

The premium version has many things which you need to unlock in the game. Play this game with multiple gameplay styles and try to create a powerful shadow knight.

Moreover, it is an offline game, so you can play it anywhere you want. In addition, 4 unique knights are available with different skills. It’s up to you which one you are going to choose. 

10. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper - Best Android Games for Tablets

If I ever invest my money in a paid action game, then I am going to buy Hitman Sniper. This is the Best Android Games for Tablets which is loved by millions of gamers.

Moreover, Google PlayStore is also considered an Editor Choice. In this game, you’re going to use well-ranged and powerful weapons to complete various missions.

You need to be an active person; otherwise, this game is not for you. In the Beginning, you are not able to aim at the person. But when you play it for some days, you’re able to do a Headshot.

Download it and start fighting with ZOMBIES right now! 

11. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash - Best Android Games for Tablets

Everyone loves to spend money, no matter if it’s a game or to buy a new gaming console.

Geometry Dash is also a paid game that has around 4 million reviews on Google Play. It’s a simple, fun, and addictive Arcade game that makes you happy with real-time challenges, as good as games come on Android tablets.

It’s a one-button game that was developed by RobTop Games in 2013. If you ever play the Flappy World in your life, then its game is easy for you.

It’s Simple. Players need to touch on screen to control the Square to overcome the obstacles. By touching on-screen, you are able to bounce to avoid any obstacle coming from the front.