What is The Difference between Apple iOS and Android OS Operating System?

difference between Apple iOS and Android OS

No matter whether you are buying a new smartphone or a used one, the operating system matters a lot. Nowadays, the most popular operating systems are Windows, iOS, and Android.

Most phone manufacturing companies used these operating systems in their smartphones and tablets. 

If you haven’t used any of the devices which run these operating systems, then selecting one of them is a difficult task for you.

This is what we are doing in this article. In this article, we are listing down some important differences that you will need to consider before purchasing any of your favorite smartphones. 

Difference between Apple iOS and Android OS

The following are the differences that our team compiled for you after spending hours and hours on the internet.

These differences may help you to buy your favorite devices with a favorite operating system that further help you in your work productions. So without wasting more time, let’s get started…!!


No doubt, Android smartphones fall in the low price contender category as compared to Apple devices.

High-end Apple smartphones start from 1000$ and up to so on like iPhone X, which starts from 1000$, and iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at 1100$, which is not a good choice for a normal user.

But don’t forget Apple iPhone 8 prices start from 500$, which is quite affordable and a good choice for every user. 

As compared to Android, Apple devices charge your higher price. But we don’t need to forget that Apple uses high-quality material in their production and uses top-notch hardware to give fast speed and performance to their users even in low price tag devices.

So if you want to save your money and look for decent phones with high-end specs sheets, then do it for Android phones, and if you have a high budget and are looking for beasts, then Apple devices are the best choice for you. 


As you know, Android is an open-source program, so its hardware is controlled by different programmers from all over the world, and due to this reason, it remains at the bottom of the list as compared to the iOS operating system. As Android is an open-source program, it’s quite difficult to get better support

The hardware on iOS devices is manufactured by Apple company which have their own developers who are managing this operating system.

It means you will get premium support almost every time. Moreover, iOS also focused on quality rather than quantity. 


Security is the main reason where most users are eager to know about it. No doubt, Android is a great platform that offers you an unlimited number of features in less price tag as compared to the iOS operating system.

But when it comes to security, iOS is always on the top of our list. You know why? Because iOS is not an open-source platform like Android and is running by Apple’s specialized developers.

These developers work day and night in order to make their operating system the most secure operating system in the whole world. 

As you know, Android is an open-source platform that is running by different developers and programmers from different parts of the world.

So, for this reason, it’s not as secure as the iOS operating system. Everyone from any place can work on the Android platform, which makes it less securable than iOS. 

OS Update

If you were running an old iOS device and worried about the latest update, then don’t worry about it. Apple also helps its old customers by giving better customer support.

As well as you will get several updates on old devices. These updates also fixed all issues on the previous version and made the user experience better than ever.

So iOS is a good choice for you no matter whether you’re buying a new one or an old one, you will have every new feature. 

Comparatively, Android devices may stop getting the latest update after some period of time.

Most of the Android devices may remain in the same version of Android, which comes with the factory.

Moreover, most of the brands which run android operating also not getting the latest updates. 


Apple has its own application store known as AppStore, which offers you millions of applications and games from different categories.

These apps and games are free to download, and some of them are paid, and you need to spend your money in order to download it.

Moreover, 2 million apps are available in the App Store, which you can download on your devices.

Comparatively, Android also has its own application Store known as Google PlayStore, which has more than 2.7 million apps and games from numerous categories.

Same as iOS, some of these apps are free, and some of them are paid, and you need to pay some money in order to download it. But here’s a plus point for Android.

You will get a modded version of paid apps on Google while there’s nothing like that for iOS devices. In order to download paid apps, you need to pay some money to their developers; then, you are able to download them.

So if you don’t want to pay for apps and are looking for phones with high-end features with low price tags, then Android is the best choice for you. 

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Final Thoughts

I hope after reading these differences related to both the operating system iOS and Android, you are able to select your favorite ones. iOS devices offer you more security and give you premium features but charge more money.

While Android devices are not best for security but give you high-end features at an affordable price.

Moreover, the Android operating system also allows you more customization features than iOS devices, so don’t forget about its features while purchasing any of your favorite smartphones. 

If you know any major difference which our team forgot in this article, then don’t forget to tell us via the comment section. 

Also, don’t forget to share this article with our friends on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc…!!! 

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