Best Tablets for Adobe Illustrator

best tablets for adobe illustrator

A comprehensive guide on how you can find the best tablets for Adobe Illustrator including buyers guide, key specifications, our top picks, and a prime check of best Digital artist’s products.

In early times, when there was no usage of technology, people use traditional methods for drawings. This includes a piece of paper, a pencil, and unlimited creativity.

Most artists use several brushes, pencils, and charcoal with different thicknesses to make attractive drawings and show off their creative skills. 

There were many artists in the era that have contributed to some amazing and realistic illustrations that people still adore.

However, there was a major drawback of traditional drawings. Whenever something goes wrong on the papers, there was no coming pack.

You have to again make your drawing from scratch. There was no option for erasing your work, hence most artists face hard times during traditional drawing.

With the passage of time, technology arrived in almost every industry and the drawing methods were shifted from soft copy to hard copy.

The drawing was made simple with the launch of software like Autodesk, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. 

Most of the artists shifted from traditional drawing to digital drawing because it solves the major drawback of the past. Now you can easily undo your work, whenever the need arrives.

Don’t consider computer drawing as the ultimate solution for illustration, it has its own drawbacks too. For example, mouse and keyboard inputs failed to deliver realism and accuracy in this software. 

To resolve the complications, stylus aka pens were introduced with a computer screen that combined both digital and traditional drawing. The pen provides accuracy and the screen provides easiness. 

Drawing Tablets are famous among the genre. They are small, compatible, and reliable handheld devices that contain all the digital tools that you need on the go.

However, for illustrating and designing, you need a powerful tablet that completes your everyday task projects. 

Whenever you search on the internet, you can find hundreds of tablets available on the market.

If you’re thinking of buying a new tablet for drawing and illustrator purposes then follow our comprehensive guide.

Buying a tablet is not an easy task, it requires a little bit of research and most importantly your budget for the project. A high price product doesn’t mean you get the best result in productivity. 

If you are a beginner in drawing and looking for the best tablet options then read the guide for the best drawing tablets with screen for beginners.

There are so many products available online that provide more value in terms of money. For this, you can follow our buyer’s guide to select the best tablets for illustrator. 

Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator – Top Picks

Now that we’ve covered the introduction and buyers guide of our topic, let’s cover some of the best adobe illustrator tablets that you can buy on the internet.

Each of these products is filtered in terms of popularity, price, performance, specifications, latest hardware, software, screen responsiveness, and user reviews.

We’ll have graphical tablets in all budget range, from low to high so that you can easily navigate what best suits you. 

1. Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet  Most Recommended  

Wacom Intuos Pro - For Adobe Illustrator

Wacom is around in the digital graphic tablet market for quite some time, and you will see their multiple products on our list.

The company launches different variations of tablets every year, so by the time you’re reading this article, there’s probably a new one in the market. 

The Wacom Intuos tablet is on the top of our list for so many reasons. The newer version of the tablet comes with a sensitive Wacom pro pen 2.

First of all, there is a lot of customization when buying an Intuos tablet. There are three different sizes Small, medium, and large as well as 3 different packages, regular, paper, or pro edition. 

This product is especially for those people that are planning to invest in a professional and high-quality pen tablet for photo and video editing, adobe illustration, digital art, or graphic design then this product is perfect for you. 

There’s USB-C port connectivity for better redundancy and the tablet support Mac OS 10 or Windows 7 and later.

The paper model of these tablets provides Bluetooth mobile connectivity and a more compact footprint for better consistency. 

The multi-touch gestures work well just like the touchpad on most modern-day laptops or some of the other best tablets. The pen of the tablet has been revamped with newer technology.

It features a new 8192 level on both the pen tip and eraser and provides a smooth responsive touch. It works on low-power energy so you don’t have to worry about charging it from time to time. 

In addition to this, you’ll also get a pen stand which itself has some functionalities. For instance, you can remove the nib from the bottom hole.

The styles also have two customizable buttons on top, that you can easily reprogram from the device as per your easiness. 

To sum it up, Drawing with the Intuos pro is really smooth and you can easily use it for any type of illustration and graphic design especially for Adobe illustrator. 

Specifications Of Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet

Express Keys 8 Customizable
Resolution 5080lpi
Active Area 8.7 x 8.8 in & 12.1 x 8.4 inch
Stylus Wacom Pro Pen 2
Item Weight 1.54 pounds (698 grams)
Batteries 1A battery

Why We Like It :

  • Smooth Drawing Experience
  • Horizontal Wire Plugins
  • Functional Keys
  • You can use all kinds of Paper on this Product
  • You can Draw and Then Transfer Your Artwork to Computer
  • Can Use Wirelessly


2. Apple iPad Pro (2020) – much more than a tablet for Illustrator

Apple Ipad Pro 2020

Apple launches a series of new iPad Pro with fewer upgrades every year. iPad offers unparalleled performance with Adobe Illustrator.

The Apple iPad Pro tablets are the first choice for many professional drawing companies because of their fast performance and smoother drawing rate. 

Although this year’s iPad Pro upgrade was entirely focused on the Camera and Keyboard, there are still many important factors that professional illustration designers can scrape from this.

The amount of power on the iPad Pro means that we can do a lot of creative processing in a short amount of time with any vector graphics, including the Illustrator.

The portability of the device makes the painting and sketching on the go very pleasant. The only downside to the iPad Pro is the fact that it doesn’t feel like paper.

The glass screen and plastic pencil make it a little bit odd if you’re using it for the first time. But if you’re used to graphic tablets then you can easily manage the slide.

What makes it stand out for most creative designers is the newly designed Apple Pencil. The apple pencil slots on the side of the iPad Pro and uses wireless charging to charge itself.

The new matte finish of the Apple pencil makes it thinner and flat on one side. This makes it more comfortable in a hand.

The other new feature includes the double tap option. Now you can double-tap anywhere on your pencil to change the brushes on the current program. 

You can also customize the double-tap feature by going to the Apple Pencil Setting.

iOS also features an incredible palm rejection mechanism that allows you to rest your arm on the iPad Pro while you’re working.

There’s also built-in hardware in the pencil that detects pressure sensitivity and draws accordingly.

Without a doubt iPad Pro is one of the best tablets you can find for Adobe Illustrator and similar tools.

Specifications Of Apple iPad Pro (2020)

Screen size 11.0-inch
Resolution 1688 x 2388 pixels
Ram 6 GB
Storage 128GB / 256GB / 512GB
Processor A12Z Bionic Chipset
OS iPad OS 14
Main Camera 12 MP wide + 10 MP Ultrawide
Selfie Camera 7 MP
Weight 1.03 Pounds (471 grams)
Battery life 10 Hours

Why We Like this Tablet :

  • Comes With Adobe Premium Membership
  • High-Resolution Screen
  • LTE or Wifi Connectivity
  • Support Another Third-Party Stylus
  • Extremely Fast Device
  • Apple Pencil 2 is Far Responsive Than the Previous Model


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3. Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless Graphics Tablet

Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless

The Huion Inspiroy Q11K is a professional graphic design tablet on our list. The sole purpose of this tablet is to provide a smoother illustration experience.

The tablet has a very unique design with a curvy-edged and smoother surface which ensures that you get the maximum comfort while working. 

The design of the product also ensures that you can rest your arm on one side and it doesn’t conflict with the working area. On the front side of the tablet, you will get 8 programmable shortcut keys

The pen included with the Inspiroy Q11K is recently upgraded with wireless charging and it now supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

This is the highest level of sensitivity that you will get in this price tag and it’s great for Adobe Illustrator.

The pen has matt finishing and a rubber banding on the grip area that feels quite good in the hand. There are also 2 buttons available on the pen for easy navigation. 

The tablet connectivity is wireless, allowing you to easily move around in your room, without even worrying about cables.

Thanks to the massive battery and performance of the tablet, you will get 40 hours of battery life. The Q11K has absolutely no lag at all.

Also, the switch between the wireless mode is quite simple, just plug the wireless code on your computer and press the wireless button on the tablet. 

Specifications Of Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless

Working Area 11 x 6.875-inch
Express Keys 8 Customizable keys
Pen Model PF150
Pen Pressure 8192 Levels
Sensing Height 12mm
OS Windows 7 or later, macOS 10 or later
Weight 1.94 pounds (879 grams)

Why We Like It :

  • The Biggest Working Area
  • Lightweight Design
  • Wireless
  • Digital Pen Tablet
  • Solid and Sleek


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4. Wacom Intuos CTL 4100

Wacom Intuos CTL 4100 - Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

The most budget lineup in the Wacom Intuos is definitely the CTL 4100. It is a great entry-level illustrator tablet that is best for single and double-hand drawings.

The build of the tablet provides you the same level of professionalism that we normally see on a high-end graphical tablet.

The working area of the tablet is marked by white spots and it overall covers the whole screen.

 The tablet also features 4 express keys on the top, which are large enough to easily change the settings of your current program.

You can also use these express keys with only one hand, because of their placing in the design.

If you’re a double-hand drawer then you might have a hard time because there are no keys on the sides of the tablet. If you prefer the physical keyboard which most people use, then it’s no issue.

Talking about the tablet pen, it is smaller compared to the previous models. It is a matte finish and doesn’t feel slippery at all.

In addition to this, the replaceable nibs are available inside the tablet allowing you more effectiveness while you work.

The pen also features 2 express keys that you can easily reprogram from the tablet settings. The Wacom Intuos CTL 4100 tablet is battery-free and works well on a wireless connection. 

The design of the tablet makes it the most efficient tablet in this budget which offers 4096 levels of pressure-sensitive drawing.

It is the best you can get in this price range. All in all, the CTL 4100 is a competitive modern drawing tablet that you can use for vector graphics like Illustrator.

Like most tablets, it also has some shortcomings but because of the price of the tablet, we normally ignore them.

Of course, if you have a professional workspace and have a higher budget, then you can opt for other tablets.

For us, it definitely lives up for the hype, especially for the build quality and wireless connectivity. 

Specifications Of Wacom Intuos CTL 4100

Active Area 8.5 x 5.3-inch
Resolution 2540 LPI
Express keys 4 programmable
Pressure Sensitivity 4096 levels
Weight 0.51 pounds (231 grams)
Pen Wacom Pen 4K

Why We Like It :

  • Lightweight Design
  • Good Battery Life
  • Comes With Free Software
  • Easy to Set-Up


5. Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Tablet


Huion is trying to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price point and so far they are delivering more than that.

The most portable tablet on our list is surely the new Huion 1060 Plus graphical tablet.

This is a direct competitor to Wacom budget-friendly Intuos tablet series, because of the pressure sensitivity and high-quality build design.

Although the company claims that the tablet is a direct competitor of the Wacom Intuos Pro and is remarkably cheaper than the other devices on the market, after some usage, we’ve found out that the touch resistance with its surface coding is a little bit laggy.

But again, we’re comparing it with a $200+ device and this thing costs less than $80.

At this point, it automatically comes to your personal preference because the tablet offers more than just an affordable graphic tablet that’s still good for many competitors of Illustrator. 

The Huion 1060 Plus has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which allows the user to effectively render complex designs, lines and select different opacity.

The tablet has 12 Express Keys on the left side of the Active Area. The keys are well constructed and feel firm when pressed with fingers or the tablet pen.

In addition to this, there are 16 programmable soft keys buttons on the top of the tablet, making this rank as the most portable tablet on our list. 

By looking at the tablet pen, we can say that this is the area where the company compromise.

It isn’t poorly built or slower by any other means, it just doesn’t compare with the Intuos Pro pen.

The pen 8192 pressure levels ensure that you get the most out of it. There are also 8 extra pen nibs, which we can’t complain about. 

As far as the connectivity option, the tablet doesn’t support Bluetooth and works only via a micro USB cable connected with a laptop.

The tablet is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac OS, and offers all the entry-level editing and drawing software during the pre-installation.

Finally, this is a tablet that you should consider if you want a lot of durabilities. 

Specifications Of Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Tablet

Active Area 10 x 6.25-inch
Resolution 5080 LPI
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 Levels
Report Rate 233 RPS
Pen Rechargeable
Weight 1.6 pounds (725 grams)

Why We Like It :

  • 12 Express + 16 Soft Keys
  • Works Well with Windows and macOS
  • High-Resolution Response Rate
  • Compatible with Multiple Software
  • Battery Life is Amazing


6. Wacom Cintiq 16  Overall Best 

Wacom Cintiq 16 - Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

The Wacom Cintiq series are specially designed for those designers that want to work on the go.

There are 2 types of models you can find in the Cintiq series 15.6-inch and 21.5-inch.

If you’re a professional graphic designer and your work belongs to major companies that require precision and details then this product is best for you.

It is expensive than any other tablet we’ve mentioned in our list because it offers an on-display screen.

It is a 1920×1080 HD IPS display that allows clarity and sharpness while you zoom to the highest pixel.

The tablet also supports the 4K monitor screen so you can easily check every detail of your artwork.

The HD display features light glare and a special anti-glare coating that is used in most high-end smartphones.

This coating doesn’t reflect light on your tablet and provides a smooth hand experience while you draw. 

The Pro Pen 2 is lightweight, versatile, and provides 8200 levels of pressure sensitivity for smoother drawing.

The combination of anti-glare and pressure sensitivity makes it easy to use in different angles.

If you somehow see the light reflection on your screen, then don’t worry, use the foldable feet on the back to tilt your tablet direction to 19 degrees.

The pen is battery-free and features 2 express keys that you can program from the tablet settings. It uses low-light signals and lasts days for minutes of charge.

In terms of connectivity, the Cintiq 16 provides a 3-in-1 HDMI connection that you can use with your Mobile device, Computer, and TV.

It also comes with multiple graphic and video editing software and provides software updates of Windows and macOS whenever a newer version arrives.

The Cintiq 16 is a perfect tablet to have on your bag if you’re a professional graphic designer. I’m only mentioning the word professional because it is not an entry-level tablet, and you can successfully use it for vector graphics

There are two models that you can opt for. Depending on your project description, this tablet can provide the utmost clarity. 

Specifications Of Wacom Cintiq 16

Screen Size 15.6-inch
Resolution 1920×1080 HD display
OS Support Windows and Mac
Weight 4.19 pounds (1900 grams)
Connection 3-in-1 including HDMI
Pen Pro Pen 2
Pressure Sensitivity 8192

Why We Like It :

  • Express Hotkeys
  • Responsive and Easy To Use
  • Supports 4K Screen
  • Include Graphics Software
  • Anti-Glare Screen


7. XP-Pen Deco 01 Graphic Tablet

XP-Pen Deco 01 - Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

If you’re a newbie and are just converting from paper drawing to digital graphic drawing then you need a graphic tablet that provides the same level of assistance that you have on a clipboard.

The XP-Pen Deco 01 is the best first segment graphic tablet in terms of various features.

The tablet has a working area of 10 x 6.25-inch, 8192 pressure sensitivity levels, and a cool new light feature that illuminates the surface of the tablet at the night.

This makes it very easy if you’re a low lightworker because you don’t have to open additional light in your room.

Deco 01 is extremely light and thin which makes it easily compatible to travel on long trips. Of course, you can use the casing on your tablet for extra protection. 

Both left and right-hand users can easily use this tablet thanks to the design infrastructure. If you’re a right-hand person, you can always use the 8 Programmable express keys.

These express keys maximize your working skills so you don’t have to switch between multiple tabs to change the settings.

If you’re a left-hand person, then you always use a computer keyboard for better workflow. 

The Stylus has 2 side buttons and no eraser tool on the back. The best thing about the tablet is that it has 8000+ pressure sensitivity levels and requires no charging at all.

The pen stand is also a great addition to the box, you’ll get 8 nibs when you open it.

The tablet, however, should always be connected with a USB-C connection. The driver and software installation is pretty straight forward.

Everything is good in terms of hardware, but we felt that the default application is a little bit buggy There are limitations to tool usage in the default program.

Of course, it will be fixed in future software updates, and also it depends on what kind of software you’re using. For Illustration purposes, the tablet is well optimized.

Overall, the XP-Pen Deco 01 is a great entry-level tablet that you can buy right now, it is affordable, and comes with a lot of features that you will not get on other drawing tablets.

Specifications Of XP-Pen Deco 01 Tablets

Active Area 10 x 6.25 inch
Resolution 5080 LPI
Pen Battery-Free
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 levels
Accuracy 0.01 inch
Report Rate 266 RPS
Connectivity USB-C
Weight 1.3 pounds (589 grams)

Why We Like It :

  • 8 Customizable keys
  • Works with Android OS
  • Free Artist Glove
  • 60 Degree Tilt
  • Big Working Space
  • It Works Well With Most Graphic Software


8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

When it gets to drawing on tablets, Apple Products gets most of the attention because of its marketing attention and hardware specification.

Yes, Apple products are extremely fast and provide a lot of assistance when it comes to drawing.

But over the past couple of years, Wacom and Samsung have provided a lot of Graphic tablets for an illustration that is improving after every upgrade.

Samsung has the most designed pen technology on any tablet that you can buy. The screen of the tablet is a Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

The screen is 10.5-inches from corner to corner which is larger than the iPad Pro. It is a relatively good size for graphic design because it fits all the tools that you need on the screen.

Because it is a high-end flagship tablet, the build quality is premium, lightweight, and feels solid on hand. 

The best thing about the tablet is that Samsung has included the Pen in the box. Apple and Microsoft usually charge separately for their pens.

The company is around with Pens with an upgraded version coming out on their Galaxy Note Series.

There is a single physical button on the top of the pen and various motion sensors that you can customize from the Pen settings.

The pen charges itself from the back of the tablet and provides 40 hours of usage time on a full recharge. One downside is that you have to place your tablet upside down to charge the S Pen.

The best thing about the Galaxy Tab series is that they support most of the drawing tablets available on the internet.

It gives you the same accuracy, the same pressure sensitivity, and all the required drawing features are there. This is something most tablet companies hesitate to include in their product.

The tablet itself is expensive so Samsung gave us a little customization in this department.

For drawing, Samsung tablets use the Wacom tech for palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and other hardware and software optimization.

However, most artists don’t like glass and plastic as a combination because it doesn’t feel right while drawing.

The pen sometimes slides around which is something that depends on your personal preference. Overall, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a fine addition to the graphic tablet genre.

It is fast, supports most of the editing software, and has a brand name that provides a lot of good consumer support.

If you’re a fan of branded products and want more than just a graphic tablet, then this product is right for you. 

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Screen Size 10.5-inch
Resolution 2560 x 1600 Pixels
Processor Qualcomm SM8150
Ram 6 GB | 8 GB
Storage 128 GB / 256 GB
Battery Life 15 hours
OS Android 10
Back Camera 13MP wide + 5MP ultrawide
Front Camera 8MP wide

Why We Like The Tablet :

  • Fast Performance
  • Stylus Included
  • Application Booster
  • Customizable Button on S Pen
  • It’s Thin and Portable


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9. Huion H420 USB Graphic Tablet

Huion H420 USB Graphic Tablet - Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

There’s no such thing that what a real artist use, they make the most out of creativity from the simplest of things.

Having a good graphic tablet doesn’t make you are pro from the start. Yes, they provide a lot of assistance and professionalism when it comes to illustration, but sometimes they are not worth the hype.

The cheapest of all graphic tablets you can buy on the internet is most likely the Huion H420 Graphic tablet. It is also the tiniest we’ve mentioned on our list.

It’s hard to use the tablet because of its size, so it only targets the newer generation that wants to test out their skills digitally.

The working area on the graphic tablet is 4 x 2.23 inches. If your hands are small or you want something creative for your children, you can try out this product.

The Huion H420 is compatible with most drawing applications including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Corel Draw, Maya, 3D Max, Corel Painter, and more.

Out of the box, you will get some other amazing tools like extra nibs, an anti-fouling glove, a tablet clean kit, and a two-finger glove for the artist.

The tablet has a multifunctional stylus that offers drawing and scrolling of web pages at the same time.

The tablet pen runs on Bluetooth technology, so you have to plug an extra piece of equipment into your PC. It is fast, responsive, and easy to plug and play.

The pen offers 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which ensures that you get the most out of zooming.

If you think that the numbers are significantly lower than any of our previous mentions then let us ensure you that it works well for a cheap graphic tablet.

Overall, Huion H420 offers more than its buying budget. It has a smooth drawing experience, the pen is good, the build quality is amazing, it supports most of the drawing program, and the package includes the driver files.

Specifications Of Huion H420 USB Graphic Tablet

Active Area 4 x 2.23 inch
Express Keys 3
Pressure Levels 2048
Resolution 4000 LPI
Connection USB
Power Consumption 0.35W
OS Windows 7 or macOS 10 above

Why We Like This Tablet :

  • Easy to Set-up
  • Tablet Drivers Included
  • Pen Scrolling
  • Works Well on Windows and macOS


10. XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro Graphics Tablet

XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro - Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

The final selection on our list of the best tablets is the compact design, state of the art XP-Pen Artist Pro.

The tablet completely justifies its nametag as it checks all the boxes a professional artist is looking forward to in a graphic tablet.

The Artist Pro is a 15.6-inch graphic tablet that provides the best-in-class color accuracy thanks to the support of 8192 pressure sensitivity levels.

The tablet has an extra-wide viewing angle combined with hosted creative features that makes it the first choice for most animators and professional graphic designers.

It features a 1920 x 1080p Full HD IPS display paired with anti-glare glass to bring your creation come to life.

The tablet has 8 shortcut keys on the left side of the panel allowing you ease of doing editing without any kind of interruption.

There’s also an adjustable tablet stand that gives you the freedom to change the viewing angle of the tablet by up to 180 degrees.

The tablet is compatible with most mainstream design software including Coral Draw, 3D Max, SAI, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. 

The Artist 16 Pro comes with 2 rechargeable pens each having its own 2 programmable express keys.

Out of the box, you will also get a black artist glove, an HDMI adapter, and some basic editing software.

The connection of the tablet is fairly straightforward. You will get an HDMI, USB, barrel, and a power supply connector.

Because it is a fairly large tablet and has a huge color screen, so it requires a lot of juice. All the ports of the tablet are located in the same area which is a bonus.

Other competitors in this price range don’t fare quite as the Artist Pro. It has a screen and provides great performance and build quality in a budget-friendly interface.

Finally, if you’re looking for something that is more color vibrant and has a widescreen, you should try the XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro.

Specifications Of XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro

Work Area 15.6-inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Color Display 16.7 Million
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 LPI
Express Keys 8 shortcut Keys
Pen Model P02S
Pen Technology Rechargeable

Why We Like It :

  • Include 2 Pens In The Box
  • Shortcut Buttons
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Works well with PC
  • Comes with a Built-In Stand


Buying Guide For Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator

If you’re a young artist and it comes to tablets then you can find that it is very difficult to select the best product on the market.

There’s actually a civil war between most tablet companies that include Samsung, Apple, Wacom, and Huion.

All of these companies claim to provide the best product in a specified genre. 

For our user’s assistance, we have scrapped the internet to find out the key features that a user is searching for in a graphic tablet.

Each of these is somewhat what a user demand or hope to have in better shape. 

1. Active Area Size of the Best Tablets

The size of the screen is the first thing that you should look forward to. It matters a lot because of your stylus pen depends on this location.

Most tablets are bezel-less but there are many that come with a plastic edge that covers the screen casing and the active area. 

Depending on your project, you don’t need a large screen to work on. Most of the screen ratio is covered via a digital third-party screen (aka your monitor).

However, the screen should be large enough to cover your stylus in a vertical shape or you can easily move in the active area. 

So to conclude this, don’t buy tablets that have large bezels, less active area space, and has a smaller screen size for your Adobe Illustrator.

It should have enough room so that you can easily move your hands around and most importantly, unleash your creativity. 

2. Pressure Sensitivity

Many graphic tablets capture the pressure information and sensitivity of your pen. That’s quite important when working with vector software like Adobe Illustrator.

These are very helpful in terms of outlining.

The more pressure you put on the screen, the thicker the line will draw.

Note the pressure sensitivity of a tablet before you buy it.

A 2048 pressure level tablet has more information than ordinary 1024 levels. 

On a lighter note, the more pressure sensitivity, the more variety of thickness. 

3. Hot Keys

As technology continues to evolve, many additional features come under the hood.

There are many shortcut keys available in tablets that provide a lot of assistance when you’re drawing.

You can use these keys for custom key mapping and streamline your work to save time.

Some companies automatically pull out the most used shortcut keys as hotkeys.

For instance, you can find the remove tool key in almost every graphical tablet. 

4. Screen Resolution

The screen resolution support is another major factor if you’re targeting high-quality images to be produced by Adobe Illustrator.

Pick a tablet that offers sharp graphics and has a higher Lines Per Inch rate.

Don’t know what this is? Compare HDR with 4K, you can easily judge which technology is best.

A higher LPI rate acts as a 4K display. The higher it is, the better.

Think about how an in-depth project you have to complete on a daily scale.

Then choose the LPI screen that best suits your needs.

An ultra HD or AMOLED screen is preferred in most cases.

5. Scrollers

A scroller is a pad that allows you to move from one point to another in the most effective way when working with Adobe Illustrator.

It acts as a scroll wheel that we see on most computer mouse.

You can skip this feature, but it comes in handy when you have to quickly change between brushes.

Most graphic designers prefer this feature because it provides ease of doing illustration. 

6. Stylus

The next thing that you should consider is the Stylus.

When it comes to vector drawing in general or Adobe Illustrator in particular, then with all tablets, the stylus is a winner.

It acts the same as a brush so it is very handy.

There are two models available in the market EMR or battery-operated stylus. 

Although they both provide the same level of work, there’s a slighter difference.

A battery-operated stylus is a little bit thicker compared to EMR.

They have batteries to juice the internals so the point of the stylus is a little bit thicker.

EMR styles rely on low-energy pulses. It can operate on wireless connectivity.

They have a thinner body and comes in both thick and thin points. 

7. Wired OR Wireless

Wired and Wireless, both types of graphic tablets are available on the market and work well with Adobe Illustrator.

It’s a personal choice to have either one of them and use them for vector graphics.

A wired connection will give you a direct and steady connection with your workspace.

A wireless connection will have a response delay as it reaches your workspace. 

However, you can easily move around with a wireless tablet as compared to pulling the cord in a wired tablet.

They are best for illustrator drawing. 

8. Performance

Finally, the performance of the tablet plays a vital role in your overall drawing experience.

Many things can be included here about vector graphics and especially Adobe Illustrator, but we’ve mentioned them explicitly.

A simple conclusion is that a high price product will feature a higher performance ratio for a hungry software like Illustrator.

But a little research and proper keywords can help you find the best performance tablet at an affordable rate.

If your budget is high then you’ll definitely get the latest software and hardware update.


Whether you’re just starting out as an illustrator or are a seasoned pro, we hope this article has helped you narrow it down to the best tablet for Adobe Illustrator.

If you are looking for a tablet that can be used to make designs in Adobe Illustrator, take the time to read through our reviews and FAQs. 

We’ve compiled what we believe are some of the best tablets on the market today for Adobe Illustrator. The process is simple-you choose which one suits your needs by reading about its features, specs, pros/cons, etc.

In our quest to find the tablets for Adobe Illustrator, we tested a lot of different models from all sorts of brands. We found that most people preferred Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, and with good reason.

It’s reasonably priced, feature-packed, high quality, fast, accurate, and works well with Adobe Illustrator.

If you want a tablet that is affordable and also suitable for Adobe Illustrator, the Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless tablet is a great option that we highly recommend.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide and reviews. If you have any questions or would like to add your own experience with a tablet, please feel free to leave your comments below.

Tablets and Illustrator FAQs

Q. Can tablets run illustrator?

Yes, tablets can run any software that runs on a computer like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Q. What should I look for in a graphics tablet?

The most important feature is the pen pressure sensitivity. You generally get up to 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity. So if you want to use the tablet with a pen, make sure that you get one where the pen is included.

Q. Is Photoshop better on a computer than on a tablet?

Photoshop runs on both a computer and on tablets just like Adobe Illustrator. However, the operating systems and the tools available in them are different.

You might be able to do things with a mouse that you cannot do on a tablet, but you might find the tools on a tablet easier to use than those available on a computer.

Q. What should I expect to pay for a tablet?

The range of prices starts at around $100 and goes up to several hundred it all depends on the size, features, and brand.

Q. Do you require a drawing tablet for Adobe Illustrator?

If you intend to digitize traditional quality art, then yes. If not, and you just want to use Adobe Illustrator for the basics of essential graphic editing, then you can do without one.

The main thing is that illustrator needs a pen tablet or monitor with an Art Pen such as the Wacom pens.

Q. How come some tablets work with the pen and others don’t?

The operating systems and the hardware are different going from one tablet to another. Many tablets require separate, proprietary software.

The pen driver is not compatible between brands and is even different between the models of a certain brand.

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  1. Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts about the tablets for adobe illustrator!
    I only use my XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 drawing tablet for sketching things out in Illustrator with the blob brush. Everything else mouse.
    XP-Pen ( ) tablet is one of the best cheap drawing tablets available under $100. The tablet is also compatible with Mac and Windows Laptop too. It also includes free downloadable software.


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