The Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Are you observing for the Best GPS Tablets For Navigation?

Then you are at a perfect site that completely guides you about the tablets used for navigation and GPS. Since the start of this decade, most of the vehicles are upgraded with the navigation system. 

These navigation systems with GPS have the advantage of allowing people to move smartly from one place to another and save their time and fuel cost.

As a result, most people nowadays are using this GPS feature to reach their destinations. 

However, placing a tablet in a simple navigation device gives several advantages to the rider. Tablet can be used for entertainment purposes also.

You can watch videos, dramas, listen to music, and many more while you are driving. So, a lot of people prefer to have a tablet for this purpose.

There are a variety of tablets that are available in the market. They also vary according to the choice of the user. For bikes, the tablet needs to be more resistant to the environment and have a durable structure.

They are mostly short of entertainment features. However, the tablets are usually smart for vehicles, have attractive color displays, and many other related functions.

10 Best GPS Tablets For Navigation – Our Top Picks!

Here are few tablets that are used for GPS and navigation purposes. All of these tablets have amazing features.

They offer accurate and precise location and navigation, but they also have other support functions that can be used for entertainment purposes and have multi-dimensional uses.

Have a detailed review of all of these tablets. You may get confused and double-minded on several products, so we recommend that you should review them at least twice to decide on the best.

Stick with the article; lots of amazing products are waiting for you. Keep pursing below:

1. Garmin RV 890

Garmin RV 890 - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Garmin RV 890 a highly recommended GPS tablet is a high-resolution device with remarkable services for precise and accurate location services and maps and directions.

The tablet screen is large that is 8 inches, and you can turn it into either portrait or landscape mode with complete options on both types of screen. 

The routing through the tablet notes the weight and size of the vehicle and then finds the best suitable route. Due to its fast speed, you can switch quickly between the apps.

The fast-processing speed allows you to play games smoothly without glitches or watch movies and videos with no disturbance and problems.

Although the routes may vary from place to place, the Garmin RV 890 gives the best and smarter route. 

Tablet also warns about road conditions such as sharp curves, limits of weight, and steep grades. All of these features provide a precautionary indication that you can do your best to avoid any incident and other misshaping.

Tablet is also light in weight, so your hands may not get tired to hold the tablet for so long. The display of the tablet is also quite impressive

Another amazing part is that you can control your Garmin RV 890 with your voice. So, maintaining and operating the tablet is very easy.

Connectivity is also brilliant for this tablet; you can connect your mobile through wireless networking, like Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi support is also given to get quicker and easier routes to provide fast internet speed. 

Moreover, you can also link either a Garmin BC 35 camera or any other camera device at the vehicle’s back with wireless networking.

Garmin drive app can be connected with the tablet and smartphone of the user. Hence traffic data and other information can be transferred to the mobile of the user.

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Why We Like It:

  • Large navigating screen
  • Road warnings
  • Voice assistance
  • Wireless updates
  • Easy planning of the trips


2. Garmin RV 1090

Garmin RV 1090 - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Another amazing tablet device that is used for navigation and other GPS-related purposes is Garmin RV 1090.

Using its large display screen that is 10 inches, the user can easily spot and view maps and other related data on the tablet. A large screen also helps install this tablet in the vehicle to have a clear and wide view.

Both of the landscape and portrait modes of the tablet have the same resolution and display qualities—that why they can be used in both ways. Autorotate mode is also present in the tablet, automatically adjusting its display type according to the user’s view. 

You will also get warnings and other indications from traffic saturation, traffic signals, and many more.

All of these indications help you make fast and quick movies through the journey, and as a result, you can reach your destination on time and safely. 

Trip advisory traveler ratting is also very useful to preview your trips to manage them better.

The tablet is technologically smart and updates its map navigation systems automatically.

However, internet services must be needed by the tablet to give precise and accurate GPS location of the user. 

Connectivity with the tablet is excellent. The design and shape of the tablet are also very elegant attractive. Its sleek design suits the hand of the user.

This tablet comes in different beautiful colors that attract the user.  You can connect your smartphone with the tablet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct. The Internet can also be provided via built-in Wi-Fi.

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Why We Like It:

  • Top class display
  • Good connectivity features
  • Road warnings and voice assistant
  • Fuel prices and details


3. TomTom Go Comfort

TomTom Go Comfort - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

TomTom Go Comfort is one of the accurate and precise GPS devices used as a vehicle navigator. The tablet intelligently finds the best available route that is short and contains less time to reach the destination.

So, it is one of the best ingredients in your vehicle that updates it and gives more versatility and ease in traveling.

TomTom Go Comfort also comes with speed camera alerts that are available for three months. Hence, you better know that you are driving in the speed limit range and not exceeding it.

After the end of 3 months trial period, you can still get these features after subscription to your best matching offer. 

Few countries like the USA, Canada, and Mexico maps are added with full updates at no extra cost.

So, you can easily have a view of the upcoming road by simply turning on the GPS. Other key advantages are also present, such as exceptional clarity, effortless navigation, and closure of the roads. 

Wireless networking options are also available in the TomTom Go Comfort so that you can stay tuned with the current maps and other related updates of your surrounding area.

Through internet connectivity, you will get recent updates and many other singles from your TomTom Go Comfort. 

Your holidays are more enjoyable when you are not getting stuck in traffic and related issues. Road Trips community of the TomTom Go Comfort helps you bring another driving class by giving you excellent road tips.

These shortcuts not only reduce the length of your journey but also have the advantage of being low-cost travel on your vehicles. 

Why We Like It:

  • TomTom Road Trips
  • TomTom My Drive
  • Smartphone Messages
  • Destination Prediction
  • Updates via Wi-Fi


4. Garmin RV 785

Garmin RV 785 - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Garmin RV 785 is a 7-inch tablet device that is a touch screen and has a colorful display.

The tablet also has a dash camera built-in. However, in some country’s dashboard camera is prohibited from using.

So, you can attach or detach from the device according to your road travels and community rules.

Dash camera is helpful to record your driving, which can be in the form of memories also so that you can record and save them.

The option of custom routing in the tablet helps you add your vehicles’ size and weight. When you add the size and weight of your car, then the tablet gives you the necessary indications and warnings when you are driving on dangerous roads. 

This option of custom routing also gives you warnings related to the sharp curves, limits of weight, steep grades, and other such problematic issues. Garmin RV 785 also has information on the parking slots in the area.

So, you can easily park your RV with the help of these amazing devices. 

The user can also access its notification and other supportive things from the smartphone through wireless networking.

The edge-to-edge display is not only attractive but also gives a cinematic view of the screen. The sound quality is also brilliant due to the quad speakers.

You can also use hand-free calling through smartphone pairing with the tablet, which will help you during your phone calls on the go.

Why We Like It:

  • Dash camera
  • Record Your Ride
  • Outsmart the Traffic
  • Know What’s Ahead
  • Find the Best Campgrounds


5. Dragon Touch Tablet K10

Dragon Touch Tablet K10 - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

If you want a Best GPS Tablet with versatile features, then Dragon Touch Tablet K10. This tablet offers a large 10-inch display screen that has perfect display features.

When you are associated with the Internet, you can easily browse, watch, and download whatever you desire through the tablet. You can also watch Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many other apps on the tablet. 

Android 8.1 versions and the Oreo OS give the user impressive performance quality with plenty of entertainment.

Display colors are also very bright and attractive, having no stress on the eyes; the colors are impressive and suit the user’s choice.

If your tablet is not directly connected with the vehicle’s battery, you can still use the tablet for almost a whole day due to the long-lasting battery. 

The tablet’s storage capacity is 128 GBs, which is more than enough for a hand full of entrainment and other related material.

Bluetooth 4.0 is also embedded in the tablet, which helps in wireless networking. FM radio option is also provided to remain up to date on the current situations. 

The screen’s resolution is 1280 x 800 and the HD IPS display completely satisfies the user’s needs.

Hence, you can share the tablet screen with the whole family, and everyone gets a clear view of the screen.

Data transferring is also very easy, which can be done either with the SD card or micro-USB. It is also compact, lightweight, and portable.

Well, you can effortlessly carry it anyplace you want.

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Why We Like It:

  • Fast and Responsive
  • Great Viewing Experience
  • Store More Pictures and Videos due to high storage capacity
  • Offer plenty of entertainment


6. Garmin Drive Smart 65

Garmin Drive Smart 65 - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

For those drivers that love to have some new adventures, the Garmin Drive Smart 65 is one of the best GPS tablets that help them on their trip.

The maps are very much simple and easy to understand. The bright display screen contains all of the information, like navigation directions, so that you get your view of turn-by-turn direction on the journey.

Driving alerts are also present that gives necessary information to make your journey safer and easier.

You will also get traffic updates on maps so that you may opt for the right path towards your destination. The screen of the tablet is also wide with an edge-to-edge display. This display design helps the user have a view from all of the directions. 

Bright and clear maps help you to understand the places. You can also enable the 3D option of the map view, which will show you 3D maps of the buildings around you.

Moreover, you can directly use the tablet when you bought it without any pre-settings and installation. Additionally, voice assistance helps you to navigate easily when you are driving. 

The user can also install the Germin Drive Application on the smartphone and then link it with the tablet.

This will help get daily updates regarding the traffic to plan in a better way. Wi-Fi connectivity enables the tablet to install and download software updates regularly, so you may not be in trouble at any time.

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Why We Like It:

  • Voice-activated Navigation
  • Easy connectivity
  • Up to date maps and other related information
  • Driver Alerts
  • Garmin Real Directions


7. VANKYO S30 Matrix Pad

VANKYO S30 Matrix Pad - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Another multipurpose tablet that has fast processing speed and excellent performance is VANKYO S30 Matix Pad.

This amazing tablet has a 1.6 GHz octa-core processor that gives a blistering performance—moreover, 3 GB RAM with quad-core processors further adds performance to this VANKYO S30 Matix Pad.

Hence, this tablet is famous for fast switching between apps, low battery consumption, multitasking, games, and movies due to this top-class performance.

So, you can use it as a GPS-containing navigation device and a suitable tablet for entertainment purposes that never let you get bored. 

The battery time of the tablet is high that is 6000 mAh. You can use it for the whole day while traveling on your vehicle without any power input. 

You can browse, play games, watch movies, listen to music and navigate through your traveling for continuous 15 hours on this large capacity battery of the tablet. 

Memory storage capacity is a bit small, that is, 32 GBs. However, you can increase it by the use of a micro-SD card. So, you can store unlimited songs, videos, and other content on the tablet.

The display seen is also wide, which is of size 10.1 inches. IPS display with 1920 x 1200 resolution of the screen gives crystal clear view.

Wireless networking allows you to connect your mobile and other devices with the tablet with several networking modes.

So, you can transfer data files between the tablet and another device that is connected with it. 

Why We Like It:

  • Large Enough for Storage
  • GPS Supported
  • Always Back You Up


8. GPS Navigation for Car

GPS Navigation for Car - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

This GPS navigation tablet provides easy access through 40 languages. That means this can be used all over the world.

A simple layperson can easily find their native language through the easy language setting and then apply it to the settings. Native language also has the advantage of being easy to understand and operate. 

There are four routing applications given, which are easy, short, green, and fast. On all of these modes, the tablet device gives navigates and routes according to that. There is a 22-page instruction manual with the tablet device.

The instruction manual contains all of the related data that gives information regarding the tablets and their features. 

The customization of your vehicle by adding weight and size to the car enables customized routes.

Due to this feature, you also get customized alters and other information on the dangerous routes. Tablet also contains information regarding the travel points.

Travel point of interest (POIs) rating on the tablet helps users select particular information regarding the venue and its reviews. As a result, the user selection can select a perfect spot for the family.

Display features of the tablet are also strutting. With a large TFT screen, everyone in the car can view the screen of the tablet.

With its 32 GB storage capacity, you can download and store music, videos, and other related stuff on the tablet, making your journey more entertaining. 

Why We Like It:

  • Traffic light reminder
  • Voice broadcast function
  • Speed limit reminder
  • Customized functions for vehicle


9. TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

TomTom Rider 550 is a portable device that can be used either for bikes and vehicles also. For motorcycle riders, they can ride the hilly areas and other areas with this navigating device.

You can also customize your routes and add stop points to your journey. Hence the riders get a detailed plan of the ride before they even started it.

The build-in structure of the TomTom Rider 550 is so durable and weatherproof.

So, you did not need to concern if your tablet is on the exposed side of the bike. It has a rugged and durable construction.

Touch with gloves is also supported, so you do not need to take off your gloves to operate this navigating device. 

 Several other features are also offered by the TomTom Rider 550. These features are safety camera alerts, stay safe mode, traffic updates, get maps function, and many more live service updates.

Moreover, software updates regarding the applications in the tablet can be downloaded by the tablet automatically when internet service is provided.

A strong quad-core processor is present in the TomTom Rider 550; thus, it proceeds with the commands directly in no time.

This feature boosts the GPS start-up speed by almost five times.  With a bright and large display of a 4.3-inch screen, the rider has a clear view of the road ahead.

Moreover, the screen can be switched into landscape and portrait modes that have equal quality of displays.

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Why We Like It:

  • TomTom Road Trips
  • Updates via Wi-Fi
  • TomTom World Maps
  • Smartphone connectivity through wireless networking


10. Garmin 61 Drive Smart

Garmin 61 Drive Smart - Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Garmin 61 Drive Smart is another versatile type of navigating device perfectly in use by plenty of customers.

Most of them have encouraged the functions and features of this outstanding navigation device. 

You can stay connected with the help of the Garmin 61 Drive Smart navigator that helps you drive with alerts and keeps you guiding when your hands are on the wheel.

With its easy-to-follow instructions, you can easily get through the traffic saturated areas and difficult spots in no time. 

You can also connect your smartphone with the Garmin 61 Drive Smart, allowing you to get access to its notifications and make calls in a perfect while you are busy driving.

Special indications are provided when sharp curves, animal and railroad crossing are on the upcoming roads.

Garmin Smartwatch can be easily connected with the Garmin 61 Drive Smart, which further helps users get navigation alters while on foot.

Hence you can see your directions right on your wrist and can reach your destination.

Many other supportive things are also provided with the tablet of various uses, such as a Hard-shell case, universal portable car charger; pocket pro XL, microfiber cloth, pocket clip, and stylus pen.

The functionality and versatility of the tablet are further enhanced due to the pen stylus. This pen allows the user to avoid pressing skip and pause buttons. So, the user does not need to buy anything extra.

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Why We Like It:

  • Smart connectivity
  • Easy to understandable maps
  • Quick alerts
  • Smartwatch connectivity



Most of the tablets with GPS and other navigating devices look similar in design and structure. That’s why they, a common buyer, get confused about buying from a similar type of product.

So now you can easily decide between all of these listed products. However, do not forget about your needs and requirements before buying a tablet.

To avoid this, we have provided you those tablets that are the Best GPS Tablets For Navigation. Most of them are of the same brand, but their features and price vary greatly.

Tablets are usually preferred due to the large screen and portability. 

So you have to decide according to your vehicle which tablet suits you best. Don’t forget to consider the price of the tablet.

You can easily store lots of movies and video material on this tablet.

The tablet’s camera is good; you can record your memories in videos or images on this high storage tablet. Decide wisely according to your vehicle’s demands and needs, and then buy the Best GPS Tablets For Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it suitable to buy a separate device for navigation as compared to a GPS tablet?

No, the preferred device for navigation is a GPS tablet. If you buy only a navigator, it is just a portable device used only for one purpose. But GPS tablet gives you a more convenient navigation system.

Also, this tablet is used for many other purposes like work or entertainment.

Q. What factors should be thinking about before buying a tablet with built-in GPS?

The most important factor that should be considered is battery life. If the tablet has short battery life, you can easily get lost, and it becomes annoying.

So, it would be best if you prefer a tablet with a long-lasting battery. The other thing to consider is the size of the tablet. Buy a tablet with a large screen that is easy to read.

Q. Can we use GPS without the Internet?

Yes, you can use it without the Internet. The first step is to download the ma on your mobile phone. After this, turn off the Internet.

Now open the GPS and check that the navigation app is working. You can check the internet consumption by turning on the data. So, it is confirmed that GS is running without Internet.

Q. Which apps are used to use free GPS?

There are many apps that you should install on your mobile phone and use as navigation. These apps are free. The most common among them are Google Maps, Polaris GPS, OsmAnd, Sygic, Maps. Me, HERE are WeGo, Polaris GPS, Handy GPS, Map Factor, and Genius Maps.

Q. How much accuracy is obtained using a GPS tablet?

The maximum accuracy that should be obtained using a tablet or mobile phone is 20-30 meters. These tablets have a perfect GPS system with high-quality sound and fast processing speed.  This navigation is enough for the users. Hence, tablets are good for GPS.