The Best Android Tablets Under $200 [Reviews + Guide]

Best Android Tablets Under 200

Finding the best android tablets under $200 can be tricky, but we have made it easy for you to make a decision in this article.

In today’s age of rapid innovation and technology tablets are the sort of gadgets that are not only reasonably priced but proficient enough to perform day-to-day tasks.

Nowadays you do not need to break a bank to buy pocket-friendly high-performance tablets.

Even with a budget of dollar 200 or less which might seem to be a very meager range you still can have your hands on a tablet that is fit to perform everyday tasks and moderate gaming. 

Tech companies are very much focused nowadays to introduce new tablets every few weeks. As they are aware of the constantly growing market of portable PCs and Tablets.

The regular availability of new products makes it difficult for consumers to choose the best product which suits their day-to-day needs.

The tablet companies also advertise their high-end products and focus more on their marketing only.

These products can only be purchased after fishing out heavy amounts. This furthermore convinces the consumers that they need to break a bank to purchase the best-suited tablets for themselves. 

It is a fact that this situation is very confusing, yet it serves as a boon to those buyers who are interested in buying the best android tablets under $200.

Because of the tablets which are launched just a few weeks back their price drops tremendously in comparison to their upgraded and costlier models released recently.

This way the budget-friendly buyers get an opportunity to chose and purchase the tablet of their choice at a low cost of dollar 200 or even less.

This budget may seem less but is enough to provide for a tablet that is equipped to perform day-to-day tasks and serve entertainment purposes as well. 

Although these budget tablets fulfill daily needs, it must be kept in mind that these tablets will take time to perform some tasks like video editing or other RAM eating tasks.

Whereas high-end tablets are designed to perform these tasks efficiently. 

For normal day-to-day work and entertainment, these $200 or less tablets are the best options available in the market. 

Best Android Tablets Under $200

Android tablets are the ultimate choice for a budget under $200.

Whether you are heading back to school or work after a fun-filled vacation or just need a perfect tool for entertainment, these android tablets have what it takes to fulfill your needs. 

These tablets present a screen larger than a cell phone, yet they are easily handheld.

Because of larger screens, they offer better screen resolution and have several other features and capabilities in these budget-minded devices. 

Before buying these cheap pocket-friendly tablets you need to prioritize your requirements, maybe you need a durable design as it might be used by all family members.

Maybe you need a tablet with long battery life. Or maybe a better camera resolution or bigger memory is what you are looking for. 

Keeping all these points in mind we would like to list out the best android tablets under $200. 

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch – Entertainment Ready with Long Lasting Battery

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch - Entertainment Ready with Long Lasting BatteryUnlike manyAndroid tablets under $200 this one comes with a long-life powerful battery which gives you the freedom to keep going throughout the day without worrying about recharging.

It also gives you the option to have more memory space as it supports additional memory cards.

Let us study the features in detail. 


Although it has a screen size of 8″ only but because of the minimum bezel, you get the feel of a bigger screen to view your content. It is slim and lightweight which makes it easy to hold and carry while on the go. 

It comes with a premium metallic finish. You also get to choose between two colors that are silver and black, whichever suits your personality.


Its memory is one of its most prominent features. It comes with a built-in memory of 32GB which is expandable with a micro-SD memory card of 512 GB.

This allows you to keep your favorite songs, photos, videos, games, and e-books in one place.

Now you do not need to delete anything to make room to keep the new stuff.


The best part of this tablet is that it comes with outstanding battery life and charging time which makes it the leader among best android tablets under $200.

This tablet comes with a high capacity 5100mAh battery which gives you 13 hours of screen time which is great in Android tablets under $200

This means you can browse, shop, play, and watch videos throughout the day in a hassle-free manner.


It comes with an 8.0MP rear camera and a 2.0MP front camera which allows you to take good pictures and gives you the opportunity to video chat.


It supports many audio playing formats and has two external speakers which give good quality output.

This feature comes in handy when watching videos and while chatting.

It also supports a 3m audio jack for your standard headphone. 

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch

Processor Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53
Storage 32 GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 8-inch
Operating System Android 5.1 Lollipop
Battery Life 14 hours
Weight 1.43 pounds (648 grams)

Why should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch?

We like it because this Android tablet gives you all that you need at less than $200.

It has a long battery life, which keeps you going without the need to recharge every once in a while.

It also comes with a large memory which allows you to keep all your favorite stuff without the need to do in-house cleaning now and then.

Its bezel screen gives you more views so that you can enjoy your movies.

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2. Amazon Fire HD 10 – Performance packed with design and durability

Amazon Fire HD 10 - Performance packed with design and durabilityThis line of tablets, despite costing under $200, is packed with a high-performance processor and an amazing HD display resolution. Combined they give you an enriching experience.

Let us go through its features in detail.


The processor of this tablet is one of its prime features. It comes with a 1.8GHz Quad-Core processor which is superfast and a multitasker.

It has two 1.8GHz cores and two 1.4GHz cores which run at the same time and deliver 30% faster app launches, smooth games, and videos. 

It has a RAM of 2GB which enables you to continue working without any hang-ups. 

Screen Resolution 

This tablet has a screen resolution of 1920 X 1200 HD display. This screen resolution makes it stand out from other tablets in terms of PPI.

It has over 2 million pixels (224PPI). This gives you crystal clear output for your movies, videos, and games with wide viewing angles. 

It gives more brightness as it has amazing IPS (In-Plane-switching) LCD. 

This tablet screen comes with a reduced glare which is more user-friendly as it decreases the stress on the eyes. 


This tablet gives you the choice to opt for either a 32GB or a 64GB built-in memory, as per your personal need or requirement. The memory is further expandable up to 256GB with help of a microSD card.  

Its internal memory is superb for offline video watching. Expandable memory gives you more space to keep your favorite file, photos, apps, videos, etc. 

Since it is an Amazon product it comes with an unlimited and free amazon cloud storage facility to keep your content and photos.


This tablet comes with a battery life of 12hours on normal usage. On mixed usage, it gives you a battery life of 10hours.

Both of these give you the comfort to continue doing what you desire without the need to recharge. 


This tablet has undergone over fifty different tests of durability carried out by Amazon engineers.

These durability tests included tosses, tumbles, and spills which makes it one of the best android tablets under $200 available in the market. 

Specifications of Amazon Fire HD 10
Processor 2.0 GHz Octa-core
Storage 32GB / 64GB
Camera Rear – 2 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 9.0 Pie
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 1.1 pounds (504 grams)

Why should you buy Amazon Fire HD 10?

This is a fun-packed powerful piece keeping in mind we are talking about android tablets for $200 or less, that comes with a superb processor and great memory.

It has a durable design and is tested for sturdiness, which makes it more family-friendly. 

Because of its wide and HD resolution screen, it gives you the benefit to view your videos or read your books with great viewing experience and ease. 

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch – Minimal Bezel lightweight premium metal with a powerful battery

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch - Minimal Bezel lightweight premium metal with a powerful batterySamsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1” comes with a powerful Octa-core processor, HD screen resolution, and long battery life for binge-watching. It’s amazing that such solid contender out of all Android tablets costs just around $200!

Let us dive deep into its features.

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This tablet comes with an Octa-core processor (2X1.8GHz + 6X1.6GHz) which allows you to multitask and effortlessly carry on without any lags.

This processor is built to handle high usage easily. Therefore, you can watch, play, or browse in the blink of an eye. 


This tablet comes with an amazing audio feature. It has Dual + Dolby Atmos which gives you high-quality sound output for tablets under $200!

Hence you can enjoy your movies and games to the maximum. You can feel the action come to life with its immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound. 

Screen Resolution 

The screen resolution supported by this tablet is one of its amazing features. It comes with a 1920 X 1200 HD display.

This allows its users to enjoy high-quality videos and games in a cinematic-like atmosphere.

This high-quality resolution gives you a wide immersive picture and entertains you with cinematic clarity. 


One of the many key qualities of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” is its great memory.

It comes with an internal built-in memory of 64GB and supports a microSD memory card of 512GB.

This huge amount of memory allows the user to keep all files in one place without the need to delete them.

Keyboard Supported

This tablet also supports an external keyboard which enables its users to work on it as a laptop.

Thus, enabling its user to enjoy blogging, writing, editing, messaging, or surfing the net conveniently.


The average battery life is 13 hours based on normal usage. On mixed usage, it gives you a battery life of 10hours.

Both ways the battery life is quite extensive to support long usage throughout the day. 


It supports multiple connectivity platforms. It has broadband WiFi and Bluetooth feature.

It also has a GPS feature, which enables easy mapping and location tracking.

Which makes it an on-the-go tablet in the true sense.

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch

Processor Octa-core(2×1.8GHz + 6×1.6GHz)
Storage 64GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 13 hours
Weight 1.03 pounds(467 grams)

Why should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch?

We like it because it has many amazing features even though it’s among Android tablets in under $200 category.  It is a full-on entertainer with a high-quality resolution.

It gives you cinematic audio and video feel. To top it all its battery and memory are its real charmers.

Hence it is a good value for money.

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4. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus – Big RAM and Superfast Processor with long battery life

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus - Big RAM and Superfast Processor with long battery lifeFire HD 8 Plus tablet comes with good RAM and a super responsive processor thus making it one of the most engaging tablets in the cheaper range of tablets under $200. 

Let us look into its feature and capabilities in detail below.


This tablet comes with a Quad-core 2.0GHz processor with 3GB RAM.

These specifications enable this tablet to perform tasks super quickly thus enhancing its experience.

It also has a built-in 32GB memory which is expandable up to 1TB through a microSD card.

This gives the user the freedom to maintain a huge library of favorite videos, photos, books, and music, etc.

Wireless charging

Because of wireless charging, you no longer need to worry about loose connection, misplacing the charger, etc.

All you need to do is place the tablet on a charging dock which will charge it up to 80% in a span of less than 2hours. 

Foreign object detection, over-voltage protection, and temperature control give you peace of mind for a safe wireless charging of your tablet. 


Fire HD 8” tablet comes with a long-life battery with up to 12 hours of battery life.

Which gives its user the ability to enjoy endless entertainment, streaming, and downloading.

Such long battery life removes the hassle to recharge the battery again and again thus ensuring endless fun. 


Your voice-operated personal assistant Alexa is always at hand through this tablet.

You can connect with the desired information, entertainment, and loved ones through Alexa with just your voice. 

Fire HD tablet and Alexa go hand in hand to ensure your privacy by giving you the freedom to view and delete your voice recordings through the Alexa app or by toggling on/off at any time.

Apps and Books altogether

Although this tablet does not support Google Play, you can download all your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. from Amazon Appstore. 

For book lovers, there is an added benefit with this tablet.

They get to enjoy six months of free Kindle Unlimited offer.

They receive this offer via email once they activate their device. 

Specifications Of Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

Processor 2 GHz Quad-core
Storage 32GB
Camera Rear – 2 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 8-inch
Operating System Android 9.1
Battery Life  12 hours
Weight 0.78 pounds(355 grams)

Why should you buy Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus?

It is more likable because of Alexa. Furthermore, it has wireless charging and long battery life which makes it stand out from its competitors.

Another thing to like about it is the fact that even on a low budget it is offering a powerful processor and expandable memory.

Thus, offering its users a true pocket-friendly experience. 

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5. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus – Selfie Camera and Kids Content with Parental Control

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus - Selfie Camera and Kids Content with Parental ControlLenovo Tab M10 Plus is designed to cater to the whole family.

It has the features that it can be shared by an adult and kid without any concern of the younger minds being exposed to unwarranted content. 

The front and rear camera resolution are such which cater to the needs of selfie lovers, amateur photographers, and video chatters alike. 


This under $200 tablet packs a punch when it comes to performance.

It has a fast and powerful 2.3GHz Octa-Core processor with exceptional performance.

It comes with 2GB RAM both combined give the users a seamless and effortless browsing and viewing experience.

These features make it capable to fulfill the whole family’s web-based needs.

Parental Control 

Are you concerned about your kids viewing unchecked content over long hours and that too in an inappropriate posture? Then this tablet satisfies your concerns.

M10 comes with complete parental control so that you can manage what your kids are viewing and how long.

It also comes with specialized features to alert you if your kids are not sitting properly for their proper posture training.

It also has a built-in eye care technology that helps to reduce the risk of eye strain for kids and adults alike. 

Audio and Microphone 

Lenovo Tab M10 comes with an enhanced audio feature. It is packed with 2X side speakers with Dolby Atmos.

These speakers give you amazing sound output hence making you feel deeply immersed in the movie or game. 

It also comes with dual microphones which would make your voice chat crisper and clearer.

Thus, enhancing your communications with friends and family.


Are you into selfies or are you an amateur photographer? If you belong to either one of the two or both then this tab is the answer to your passion. 

This tab comes with an 8.0 MP rear camera (autofocus) and a front camera of 5.0 MP (fixed focus).

An amateur photographer or someone with a passion for selfie both would enjoy the rear 8.0MP camera and the front 5.0MP camera while on the go. 

Specifications Of Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Processor 2.3 GHz Octa-core
Storage 64GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.3-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 8 hours
Weight 1.5 pounds(680 grams)

Why should you buy Lenovo Tab M10 Plus?

We like Lenovo Tab M10 Plus because of its two main features.

Firstly, it has the feature of Parental control which enables the parents to keep a track of how the kids are using the internet.

Secondly, the Lenovo Tab M10 has decent cameras both front and rear which makes it a good value for money.

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6. ASUS ZenPad 10.1-inch – Alluring look Unique Design with Elegant Leather Patterning

ASUS ZenPad 10.1” combines style and elegance in itself.

Its beauty and functionality enhance every type of style statement. Its sleek styling fits in every type of setting.  

Now let us share in detail its capabilities and features below.


ASUS ZenPad 10.1” comes with a very unique sleek aluminum finish. It comes with elegant leather patterning.

Its bold visual accent is further accentuated by a polished metallic band frame at the edge.

Its alluring and inspiring look serves its user visual harmonious beauty with functionality packed in the same tablet.  

Under a budget of $200, this tablet offers luxurious styling and elegance to its consumers. 


This tablet comes with a powerful Quad-core 64bit MediaTek processor along with 2GB RAM and ample onboard storage of 16GB memory.

These specifications make it possible for its users to utilize cheap tablets under $200 like this one on the go for their social media and entertainment requirements. 

Screen size and resolution 

ASUS ZenPad 10.1″ offers a big 10-inch screen to its users.

The screen has a bare-minimum bezel thus giving you a much bigger feel.

The minimal bezel also gives a wide degree viewing angle. 

It offers a very good screen resolution of 1280 X 800.

Which gives users improved color clarity and brightness providing a fantastic picture for immersive entertainment. 


ZenPad offers its users a dual camera experience.

The rear camera is 5.0MP which is suitable for snapshots on the go.

The front camera is 2.0MP which is good for selfie capturing and video chatting.

ASUS Pixel-merging technology helps this tablet capture brighter photos at night or in low-light scenarios without the need for a flash. 

Blue-Light Filter 

To reduce eye fatigue and age-related macular degeneration this tablet comes with ASUS Blue-Light Filter.

Which not only gives a comfortable experience but also minimizes blue light emissions from the screen.

Having said that this filter does not have any impact on any other color on the screen. 

Hence the picture quality remains clearer and crisper. 

Specifications of ASUS ZenPad 10.1-inch
Processor 1.3 GHz Quad-core
Storage 16GB
Camera Rear – 5 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1‑inch
Operating System Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Battery Life  10 hours
Weight 1.1 pounds (499 grams)

Why should you buy ASUS ZenPad 10.1-inch?

We like it for its sleek, elegant, stylish, and polished unique design which makes it stand out from other tablets on the market.

Its elegant leather patterning not only gives it uniqueness but simultaneously gives a good grip as well.

All in all, productivity and entertainment with style are well combined in this tablet. 

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7. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 – Lightweight yet heavy on entertainment

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - Lightweight yet heavy on entertainmentLenovo Yoga Tab 3 also falls in the category of best android tablet under $200 because it offers users many amazing benefits.

It comes with long battery life to provide never-ending entertainment with high-quality sound.

It is packed with a high-resolution rotatable camera to always capture your best angle.

It offers four unique and easy ways of handling it. 

Let us explore its unique and diverse qualities.

Multiple Ways to Use 

Yoga Tab 3 comes with an innovative design of a battery cylinder and kickstand on its side.

This changes the center of gravity and opens it up in multiple ways to hold, tilt, stand, and hang it.

It offers great ease while handling different scenarios for example scrolling recipes while cooking, managing social media while eating or watching movies while in bed, etc.

It gives you immense flexibility for ease of use for all family members be it in the kitchen, sofa, or bed. 


An 8.0MP rotating camera offers you an opportunity to take amazing pictures and selfies.

This camera rotates 180 degrees and is gesture-controlled.

All you need to do is just strike a pose with your friend or be selfie-ready.

With the simple opening-closing of your hand, you can snap a picture. 

The camera resolution being 8.0MP gives you the freedom to be an avid photographer. 


This tablet offers an HD resolution of 1280 X 800 thus enabling its user to experience good gaming and browsing experience.

It gives exemplary brightness which enhances your viewing experience from every angle.

The display and picture quality also enhances your movie experience.


Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 gives immersive audio output like none other.

It comes with two front-facing Dolby Atmos integrated powerful speakers.

These speakers provide a virtual surround and dynamic audio experience. 


If you are a binge-watcher or video gamer this tablet offers a very long-lasting battery in its true sense.

The battery can go on for almost 18hours on a single charge.

On medium usage, its powerful battery of 6200 mAh can last up to even 20hours of continuous usage.

Combined with an immaculate display, perfect audio this feature comes in very handy while traveling. 

Pen Technology

These tablets come with a very responsive touch screen.

Lenovo’s specialized AnyPen technology not only responds to stylus pen but any conductive object that can control the screen.

This feature is really handy for photo editors, drawing enthusiasts, animators, and students while taking notes.

Also, can keep your fingers away from the screen while cooking.

Specifications Of Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Processor 1.1 GHz Quad-core
Storage 16GB
Camera 8 MP rotatable camera
Display 8-inch
Operating System Android 5.1 Lollipop
Battery Life 20 hours
Weight 1.03 pounds(590 grams)

Why should you buy Lenovo Yoga Tab 3?

We like it for its adaptiveness; it caters to all age groups and people of different interests and hobbies.

It has a unique and distinct design that fulfills your style statement and personality.

Although it is power-packed with great features, yet it is feather-light and can be carried conveniently anywhere.

For an under-dollar 200 tablet, it offers a variety of benefits to its users which makes it great value for money in its true sense.

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8. VANKYO MatrixPad S30 – HD display with a superfast processor

VANKYO MatrixPad S30 - Best Android Tablets Under $200

Robust and efficient Octa-Core processor which does not consume too much power.

A widescreen with a Full HD display gives a lively experience.

It has one of its kind high-resolution dual cameras.

Let us look further into its details. 


It offers a 1.6GHz Octa-Core processor combined with 3GB RAM that is not only energy efficient but also offers a quick response.

This capability gives you the ease of downloading, launching apps, games, and videos in a smooth hassle-free manner. 


This tablet comes with 2 built-in cameras.

The rear camera has a resolution of 13MP, and the front camera has a resolution of 8.0MP.

Both of these high-resolution cameras offer a great picture and selfie-snapping and video chatting experience.

The cameras give the users the advantage to share their memorable moments in high resolution on social media. 


Vankyo MatrixPad S30 has a solid battery of 6000 mAh which gives the users 15hours of non-stop browsing, reading, and entertainment. 


It has a built-in memory of 32GB and also comes with a microSD card slot.

MicroSD card slot gives the users the option to further expand the memory up to 128GB.

This ensures that the relevant files can be with them on the go. 


S30 is packed with a widescreen of 10.1inch with a Full HD resolution of 1920 X 1200 with a 178 degrees IPS display.

This feature enables its users to enjoy immersive and crisp video quality. 

If you are into book reading then with the read mode ON the tablets work like an E-reader, helping you read everything in black and white. 

It also comes with eye health functions. If this function is ON, you can safeguard your eyes against strain. 

Specifications Of VANKYO MatrixPad S30

Processor 1.6 GHz Octa-core
Storage 32GB
Camera Rear – 13 MP | Front – 8 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 2.51 pounds(1139 grams)

Why should you buy VANKYO MatrixPad S30?

We like it for its functionality for avid readers.

It comes with a long battery time, ample memory for books, eye health function to reduce eye strain combined with a big HD screen.

All of this combined along with the price tag this tablet is a must-have for all enthusiastic book readers. 


9. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 – Alexa enabled with charging dock

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 - Alexa enabled with charging dockLenovo Smart Tab M10 is the tab for those who are living an advanced life.

When you have smart appliances in your home and need to control them this a must-have.

Alexa enabled tab gives you control over your smart appliances while sitting comfortably on your couch. 

Let us dive furthermore into its details.


Lenovo Smart Tab M10 comes with a Full HD 1920 X 1200 LCD IPS display.

This is a super cool feature when it comes to watching music videos and movies. 


This tablet comes with Dolby Atmos surround sound dual speakers.

This helps the music lovers enjoy a clear stereo surround optimized by dual 3W full range Dolby Atmos. 


Alexa is the prized feature of this tablet, which helps it stand out prominently from the lot. 

With Alexa, you can simplify and make your life hands-free.

Three far-field microphones help you pick up your voice from any part of your room to command Alexa to fulfill your needs.

Through Alexa, you can get any information from across the globe, stay updated on weather, news, etc.

Play your favorite music and control smart home appliances. 

Specifications Of Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Processor 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Storage 16GB
Camera Rear – 5 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 8.1 Oreo
Battery Life 8.5 hours
Weight 2.1 pounds(953 grams)

Why should you buy Lenovo Smart Tab M10?

We like it for its smart dock wireless charging, dual Dolby Atmos speakers, and Alexa-enabled personal assistant.

Thus, making it a state-of-the-art tablet that is also pocket-friendly with a budget under dollar 200. 


10. Dragon Touch Max 10 – Fast processor and Full HD display

Dragon Touch Max 10 - Fast processor and Full HD displayThis is a feature-packed family tablet, with its powerful processor it provides a lag-free experience.

Its built-in GPS is helpful even when you are offline to run maps, so you do not need to pay for a GPS device and map updates yearly. 

Let us look further in detail into its features.


Its 10.1 inches 1920 X 1200 Full HD vivid screen paired with 2.5D glass IPS touch screen makes it a solid performer in terms of high-class resolution.

Not only the resolution but this tablet is also equipped with a G + G touch panel which is hard wear-resistant. 

This tablet creates conditions for healthy reading as it reduces harmful blue light and it automatically adjusts the screen brightness as per the lighting environment. 


Its powerful 64bit Octa-Core processor combined with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage makes your work, study, and entertainment efficient and prompt. 

This is not just any tablet but also has built-in GPS which combined with a wide 10.1inch screen works offline as well. It also has FM support. 


Dragon Touch Max10 has a built-in memory of 32GB which can be further expanded with an additional 128GB through a microSD card.

Which is enough for an average user to keep all the favorite files in one place. 

Specifications of Dragon Touch Max 10
Processor Octa-core
Storage 32GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.1‑inch
Operating System Android 9.0 Pie
Battery Life 6 Hours
Weight 2.23 pounds (1011 grams)

Why should you buy Dragon Touch Max 10?

We like it because it comes with an enhanced eye comfort mode which is good for the younger generation and also people who love to read books.

For road travelers, this tablet comes in very handy as this tablet is equipped with GPS to make their journey easy and hassle-free.



In this article, we have listed the top 10 android tablets under $200.

The tablets listed above have different specifications to cater to the needs and requirements of different individuals. 

Depending on one’s appeal some people may opt for a tablet that is focusing more on style than specifications.

In the tablets mentioned above, we have catered towards this criterion. 

Some people would be interested in purchasing a tablet to be used by the whole family.

That is why they would be looking for a tablet with several specifications to cater to the needs and requirements of the whole family with different age groups and mindsets.

Apparently, with a small budget of dollar 200, some tablets cater to such demands.

Some tablets offer parental control which gives that extra peace of mind to concerned parents.

Whereby some of the tablets offer E-reader-like features which are suitable for the young and old eyes alike, as well as reading enthusiasts. 

Among the tablets listed are some which cater to the needs and requirements of music lovers or binge-watchers and gamer since they offer Dolby Atmos speakers and Full HD resolution screens combined with long battery life. 

For futuristic-minded people who are into smart homes or smart appliances would love to buy tablets that are Alexa enabled so that they could control the appliances as per their wishes.

With Alexa, they also get the option of wireless charging hence enhancing their overall experience of going hands-free. 

There is a wide range of availability for photographers as well as selfie lovers.

The listed tablets include such options that give the buyer the option to post high-quality videos and photos on social media. 

All in all, we have tried to enlist all the budget-friendly tablets keeping in view the choices and lifestyles of every kind of individual.

Thus, they can benefit from the list and choose the best android tablet under $200 for themselves instead of visiting the market and getting confused looking at the wide range and budget of tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Android tablets under $200 prove to be durable?

Yes, a tablet under dollar 200 does not mean it is cheap because of its quality.

It is cheaper because its upgraded version has been launched in the market.

Since the manufacturer is a trustworthy brand hence the tablet is bound to be durable based on proper care. 

Which memory option will suit my needs?

If you require the tablet for extensive and heavy application usage, then more built-in memory would suit your need.

On the contrary, if you are a person who likes to keep music, movies, etc. at hand then a MicroSD card slot with a large capacity should suit your needs. 

Do all tablets need an Android OS?

If you are looking for a tablet with a budget of less than $200 then definitely an android OS-based tablet is suitable.

Any other OS-based tablet would not be under $200.

If I want to buy a tablet to used by the whole family which is better Lenovo or Samsung?

For a better family experience, Lenovo caters best in this niche.

Since Lenovo tablets offer more flexible handling and longer battery life.

They also have wireless charging and Alexa-enabled models. 

Will any tablet fulfill my need as long as it is under $200?

Under $200 there is a wide range of tablets catering to different needs and requirements.

Having said that you need to match your requirements with the gadget’s specifications.

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