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best tablets for watching movies

Are you Looking for the Best Tablets For Watching Movies?

Since the start of the modern era, maximum entertainment has been shifted to devices in hand.

That device can be smartphones, laptops, and of course, tablets.

Tablets are usually preferred due to the large screen and portability.

And of course, to have good entertainment, you should have the top tablet for watching movies and other things.

Generally, all tablets can be used for watching movies and Netflix.

But some of them may lack some supportive functions like the quality of sound and display of the screen.

That’s why the user must have a tablet that supports high-resolution videos with a good studio-like quality of sound.

For that purpose, the selection of the best tablet for streaming movies will be critical.

With plenty of available choices in the market, the tablet buyer gets confused about which product he should buy.

For that reason, the buyer of the tablet must know about the key things that must be present in your best tablet for watching movies. 

We have searched the whole market and found some awesome products with perfect specifications for giving you an awesome time while watching movies.

These tablets have a perfect cinematic view of the screen with high-quality sound and fast processing speed.

10 Best Tablets For Watching Movies – Top Picks

Here are a few of our products that are well known due to their best display and sound features.

By choosing from Best Tablets For Movies, you will have the advantage of selecting a tablet, that has superclass features that are perfect for being the top tablet for watching movies.

All of the listed products contain sufficient enough information that allows you to decide which product is the best.

Most of them are of top-class brands that are well known due to their performance and display class.

So, have a detailed view of all of these products, and then decide on the best tablet for watching movies.

Keep pursing below:

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Tablet With Stylus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Best Tablets For Watching Movies

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab is a 2 in 1 tablet that can be converted into a tablet or PC depending on the requirement.

So, it can be used as a PC when a detachable Keyboard can be used.

To watch movies, you can turn it into a built-in tablet or make it into a PC according to your convenience.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab is a powerful multitasking device and has a fast-processing speed.

Due to its fast speed, you can switch quickly between the apps.

The fast-processing speed allows you to play games smoothly without glitches or watch movies and videos with no disturbance and problems makes it the best android tablet for watching movies.

The functionality and versatility of the tablet are further enhanced due to the S pen stylus.

This S pen allows the user to avoid pressing skip and pause buttons.

Plus, you can sign documents, take notes and mark the papers.

For the storage and charging of the pen, you can attach it to the back of the tablet while taking notes and working with the pen.

Tablet is also light in weight, so your hands may not get tired to hold the tablet for so long.

The display of the tablet is also quite impressive.

The edge-to-edge display is not only attractive but also gives a cinematic view of the screen.

The sound quality is also brilliant due to the quad speakers.

Additionally, the 15 hours battery time allows you to have unstoppable entertainment for the whole day.

Charging the tablet is also fast, so it does not take long to charge, and then again, get ready to entertain you.

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Processor Octa-core (2.8+3×2.4+4×1.8GHz)
Storage 128GB / 256GB
Camera Rear – 13 MP | Front – 8 MP
Display 10.5‑inch
Operating System Android
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 1.65 pounds (748 grams)

Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

  • High-quality display
  • Long battery life
  • S pen included
  • Fast processing speed


2. Apple iPad Mini – 2019

Apple iPad Mini - Best Tablets For Watching MoviesApple has produced top-class products over the years.

One such product is the Apple iPad Mini, an amazing device for watching movies and videos.

With a storage capacity of 64 GBs, the tablet never runs out of storage space.

Additionally, you can also add up additional storage capacity to the device to store more movies and other stuff in it.

The size of the screen is 7.9 inches, which is enough for a person to watch movies.

Display colors are also very bright and attractive, having no stress on the eyes; the colors are impressive and suit the user’s choice.

Moreover, several connectivity options are also available, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Apple iPad Mini has the feature of Bionic Chip A12 that gives boosted performance to the tablet.

Due to the help of this advanced technology, you can run heavy and powerful apps with high speed.

Tablet can also be used for taking notes.

Apple iPad Mini has an apple pencil perfect for taking notes and drawing and other such tasks.

Moreover, the battery life of the Apple iPad Mini can last the whole day.

You can work or watch on the tablet for consecutive 10 hours.

However, on a cellular data connection, the tablet can run for 9 hours simultaneously.

Therefore, this Apple iPad Mini is perfectly made for home use, school works, and business meeting.

The design and shape of the tablet are also very elegant attractive.

Its sleek design suits the hand of the user.

This tablet comes in different beautiful colors that attract the user.

Apple iPad Mini is also compact, lightweight, and portable.

Well, you can effortlessly carry it anyplace you want.

Specifications Of Apple iPad Mini – 2019
Processor A12 Bionic chip
Storage 64GB / 256GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 7 MP
Display 7.9-inch Retina Display
Operating System iPad OS 
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 0.66 pound (300.5 grams)

Why You Should Buy Apple iPad Mini – 2019?

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Attractive display colors
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Fast processor


3. Amazon Fire HD 10 – Best Amazon Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 - Best Tablets For Watching Movies

With the large screen, Fire HD Tablet 10 is one of the best choices for watching movies and videos.

Storage capacity is either 64 GBs or 32 GBs built-in.

However, you can also add up additional storage capacity to 512 GBs with a micro-SD card.

So, the user can store unlimited videos on the tablet.

The tablet is very fast due to the powerful 2.0 Gigahertz octa-core processor.

2 GB RAM also gives fast processing speed for the apps to run.

You can open and operate the apps with stunning speed.

Hence it would be best not to worry that your tablet will open the video and play it.

You can also have the experience of fast browsing, video watching, music listening, and reading for consecutive 12 hours due to the high battery capacity of the tablet.

Hand-free is also given with Alexa that includes the function of off and on the toggle.

You can also perform numerous functions such as checking emails, shopping lists, add reminders, video calls, and many more.

With the 2MP rear and front cameras, you can record photos and videos in 720p.

The user can also play games and use its favorite apps like zoom, Outlook, Evernote, Hulu, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and many others.

You can install it from either the amazon Appstore because google play store is not supported in it.

The Fire HD Tablet 10 also has one year of limited warranty.

Specifications Of Amazon Fire HD 10
Processor 2.0 GHz Octa-core
Storage 32GB / 64GB
Camera Rear – 2 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 9.0 Pie
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 1.1 pounds (504 grams)

Why You Should Buy Amazon Fire HD 10?

  • High performance
  • Reasonable with respect to price
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fire OS 7 have brought many improvements


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch – WiFi + Cellular

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch - Best Tablets For Watching Movies

Samsung is always known due to its high-quality display that is attractive, appealing, and considered as a best budget tablet for watching movies

Such touch can be seen in the Samsung S6 lite.

The screen size of the tablet is 8 inch that is perfect for entertainment purposes.

The display of the tablet is crystal clear with dual speakers.

Vivid speakers also give a smooth touch to the edges of the tablet.

Storage capacity is 32 GB, which can be increased up to 512 GB, depending on the requirement.

Hence of those tablets offer the highest storage capacity.

You can easily store lots of movies and video material on this tablet.

The tablet’s camera is good; you can record your memories in videos or images on this high storage tablet.

The design and weight of the tablet support its portability.

You can easily carry this tablet in your bag.

Various colors of the tablet’s body are offered, which gives an attractive look in the user’s hand.

The battery of the tablet easily lasts for 12 hours without further charging.

The large battery of Samsung galaxy tab 8.0 is 5100 mAh.

Charging of the tablet is done through the USB-C port.

This helps to charge the tablet in a faster way.

Battery storage consumption mode is also available, that further increases the battery time of the tablet.

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch
Processor Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53
Storage 32 GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 2 MP
Display 8-inch
Operating System Android 5.1 Lollipop
Battery Life 14 hours
Weight 1.43 pounds (648 grams)

Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch?

  • Metallic and compactable design
  • Large display screen
  • Crystal clear display
  • Long battery time


5. Apple iPad 2020 – 8th generation

Apple iPad 2020 - Best Tablets For Watching MoviesIf you are a typical iPhone lover, you will love this amazing product from Apple manufacturers.

Apple iPad 2020 is the best iPad for watching movies.

Apple iPad 8th generation has a large display screen that is 10.2 inches.

Such a large size is not common in the usual apple structure.

However, it facilitates the user in watching movies and videos on the iPad and spending quality time.

This iPad is a slight bit heavier than iPad air for about 7 grams.

The size is a little bit larger also.

Whatsoever, its size and weight are just enough to make it a portable device that can easily be carried out in the bag.

Moreover, the screen-to-body ratio of the Apple iPad 8th generation is 73.9%, which is less than the iPad air, which is 81.3%.

With a high display, the Apple iPad 8th generation also offers high resolution for nice video quality.

The resolution is 264 DPI with sharp brightness that is 500 nits.

You can also adjust the colors of the screen according to your required view, i.e., for browsing, games, watching movies, and other options.

A12 Bionic Chip is present in the iPad, which gives a 2.5 GHz processor power, two times increased graphics speed, and CPU performance is also boosted to 40%.

Hence, the Apple iPad 8th generation offers top-class performance speed, which does not disappoint the user.

However, some of the users have claimed that the storage space is not enough.

Moreover, the tablet display has perfect light and stunning color for watching a long-time movie.

So, it may cause some issues.

Despite this, Apple iPad 8th generation is the highly recommended tablet for watching movies.

Specifications Of Apple iPad 2020
Processor Apple A10 Fusion
Storage 32GB | 128GB
Camera Rear- 8 MP | Front- 1.2 MP
Display 10.2-inch Retina display with 2048 x 1536 Resolution
Operating System iOS 13
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 0.99 pounds (449 grams)

Why You Should Buy Apple iPad 2020?

  • Top performance with A12 bionic chip
  • Large display design and colors
  • Trusted brand with customer support


6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Best 5G Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus - Best Tablets For Watching MoviesAnother top-class tablet from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S7+.

This tablet is one of those tablets that have 5G built-in.

Hence this tablet gives fast networking speed than the other old models that have 4G networking.

You can also convert your Samsung Galaxy S7+ to a desktop PC with the help of a detachable keyboard and trackpad.

With the help of 2 in 1 function, you can work fast when your tablet is turned into a PC.

Hence typing and other professional work becomes easy.

Size of the tablet is also large which have 11- and 12.4-inch screen.

Tablets with 12.4-inch screens are slightly higher than the 11-inch screen, but both have the same features and specifications.

The tablet has a samoledtm screen that gives a high-quality display.

The large screen plus samoledtm display shows the cinematic effect to the viewer.

The sound quality of the tablet is also very brilliant and loud.

These things help this model of Samsung compete with the throne holder model of the market of Apple iPad.

Taking notes with the help of a tablet is also very easy due to the S pen stylus present in the tablet.

You can easily take your notes; make drawings, and many more functions.

Storage space is also very large, built-in 128GB.

However, you can also use a micro-SD card to upgrade that storage space.

Moreover, the tablet has a 2.5 UI-based processor with 6 GB RAM that gives super-fast processing speed.

This battery-run is continuously for up to ten hours if you are surfing the web on Wi-Fi, listening to music, and watching videos.

8 MP front and 13 MP back cameras allow you to record and capture the beautiful moments of your life.

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Processor Qualcomm SDM865+ Octa Core
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 13(wide) MP + 5(ultra-wide) MP | Front – 8 MP
Display 12.4-inch
Operating System Android 10.0
Battery Life 8 hours
Weight 1.3 pounds (590 grams)

Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?

  • High memory storage
  • Fast processing with 6 GB RAM
  • Large display screen


7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4-inch – S Pen Included

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4-inch - Best Tablets For Watching Movies

Galaxy S6 lite tab consists of an S pen. This S pen makes it easier to personalize videos, photos and write notes.

This is all done without the requirement of charging.

S pen is present at the right corner of the mobile that attaches magnetically. It is always ready to go.

The screen size of this large tablet is 10.4-inch and has memory storage of 64 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite has a lightweight and sleek design. Due to this, it is easily carried out anywhere, So, find a place in the list of Best Tablets for Watching Movies.

This tablet is available in different colors and has a slim style.

This small style easily fits in your bag, and you can want movies anywhere in your home or during traveling.

Clear crystal, vivid display, dual-speaker and colorful colors attract the users.

Another important feature of this tab is that it has a long-lasting battery.

You can watch the videos on this clear display for 12 hours without charging. Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite has a C port for charging.

This fast-charging USB-C port allows you to charge the phone when the charging is reduced rapidly.

The usage of the battery mostly depends on the time you use the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 lite SM-P610NZAAXAR is also converted into a desktop.

This can increase your working speed. Also, this tablet has a multi-window feature.

By enabling this, you can perform multiple tasks at a single time. A hotspot is also present in this tablet.

You can share data at once using this feature.

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4-inch
Processor Octa-core
Storage 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.4-inch
Operating System Android
Battery Life 13 hours
Weight 1.02 pound (463 grams)

Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4-inch?

  • Slim metal design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • S pen included
  • One UI connectivity
  • Clear crystal display


8. Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch - Best Tablets For Watching MoviesiPad Pro has a large screen. The size of a screen is 11-inch.

This tablet also has a good memory storage capacity. Apple iPad Pro 2021 has 128 GB.

This memory storage is enough to store videos, photos, and other documents.

You can save the movies and movies easily on a tablet.

This tablet has a large 11-inch liquid retina display having True Tone, P3 wide color, and ProMotion.

Also, this tablet comes in 12.9-inch. On this screen, you can enjoy watching movies.

This tablet has a 10 MB and 12 MB wide camera. The battery lifespan of this tablet is very good.

This battery consumes for a longer time. You don’t need to charge this tablet during the whole day.

This tablet offers a long-lasting battery. You can browse the web for continuously 14 hours without charging.

You can watch your favorite movies, dramas and play games without charging your mobile for a long time.

By enabling this feature, you are free to transfer your music, contacts, and other media to any other IPad Pro device.

If you need a fast downloading speed for movies, so this tablet is the best.

It has 5G for high-quality streaming and super-fast download.

Another important feature of this tablet is ultrafast Wi-Fi. You can easily connect with this.

Other accessories can also be connected with this tablet sold separately like this table has compatibility to connect with the magic keyboard.

Specifications Of Apple iPad Pro 11-inch
Processor 1.6 GHz Quad-core
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 3.5 MP
Display 10.8-inch
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.37 pound (621 grams)

Why You Should Buy Apple iPad Pro 11-inch?

  • Fast battery time
  • Large LCD
  • 128 GB storage capacity
  • Super-fast wired and wireless connections


9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3-inch – Intel Core i7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - Best Tablets For Watching MoviesPro 7 is best to use at home or office. It has an Intel core processor that delivers less power as compared to other tablets.

Microsoft surface pro 7 has long-lasting battery life. You can use this tablet for continuously 10.5 hours without charging.

Different specifications of this tablet are Intel Core i7 and 256GB.

With 12.3 inches touch screen and only 1.7 pounds, these tablets can be easily carried out anywhere and have no portability issue.

This tablet has 10th generation Intel core processor, due to which it is faster than surface pro-6.

This tablet has many ways to connect to docking stations, displays, and accessory charging. It can either connected with USB-A or USB-C ports.

You can type, touch, draw, write, work, and play more naturally on this tablet.

As beautiful design attracts the users, so this tablet has an ultra-slim and sleek design.

One more benefit of this design is that it can easily place in bags.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Matte black has fasting charging. You can easily drive from empty to full charging.

Approximately 80% charging of this tablet is done in an hour.

You can experience the laptop mode by adding the signature cover and opening the built-in kickstand.

You can also easily draw and write on this tablet using a pen by lowering the kickstand to experience a studio mode.

Another way to use this is in tablet mode by removing the surface cover and closing the kickstand.

Moreover, this application can be installed on other devices like smartphones and tablets (both apple and android), where you can see your movies. So, added it to the list of Best Tablets for Watching Movies and Youtube.

Specifications Of Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Processor 10th Gen Intel Core i7
RAM 4 GB | 8 GB | 16 GB
Storage 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 12.3-inch
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 10.5 hours
Weight 1.70 pounds (771 grams)

Why You Should Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 7?

  • Ultra-slim design
  • 12.3-inch touchscreen
  • Lightweight and easily carried out
  • Fast charging


10. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3-inch – Octa-Core Processor

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3-inch - Best Tablets For Watching MoviesLenovo M10 has a premium look. This tablet has narrow bezels, slim and black metal color. So, added in the list of Best Tablet for Watching Movies and Netflix

These features attract the users, and they like them. The screen size of this tablet is 100.3 inches.

You can watch movies on this big screen FHD display in HD quality.

This tablet has TDDI technology. Hence, it is the best tablet for movies. Lenovo M10 has fast performance.

This tablet comes with an octa-core processor that is quick and fast.

The main frequency of this fast tablet is 2.3 GHz.

Other specifications of this tablet are Bluetooth 5.0, 5 GHz, and 2.4 GHz, dual bands.

Wi-Fi feature is also present; you can easily connect with this. You can watch movies, programs, and many more using Wi-Fi.

Other features of this tablet are a 5 MP front camera and an 8 MP rear camera.

You can click high-quality photos using this. Moreover, the Lenovo tablet has speakers present on both sides.

These speakers are tuned with Dopoundsy Atmos. Dual microphones are present in this tablet that are best for calls.

The most important and interesting feature of this tablet is that it comes with a kid’s protection mode, this mode consists of enthusiastic content for kids.

Moreover, this feature has specialized eye protection and parents’ control.

This feature is very best for the children because you can manage how long and what they view.

Specifications Of Lenovo Tab M10 Plus
Processor 2.3 GHz Octa-core
Storage 32GB / 64GB / 128GB
Camera Rear – 8 MP | Front – 5 MP
Display 10.3-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 8 hours
Weight 1.5 pound (680 grams)

Why You Should Buy Lenovo Tab M10 Plus?

  • Fast performance
  • Kid’s protection mode
  • Wide-angle viewing using 10.3-inch display
  • Dual speakers and microphones



Selecting the best tablet for watching movies is not easy due to the crowded market where every product manufacturer claims to be perfect.

So here in this article, we have tried to enlist the best of the products based on the customer reviews and knowledge of the experts.

You can review our listed products several times with a more deep and comparative look to decide between them.

Although all of the products are best, all are suited to a specific person.

So search according to your needs and requirements, then decide which one is the tablet.

So now you can easily decide between all of these listed products.

However, do not forget about your needs and requirements before buying a tablet.

You can compare these products depending upon the price and features and then definitely find your best tablet to watch movies.

Happy tablet shopping for the movie!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch TV on the tablet?

Yes, you can watch TV on the tablet regularly or whenever you want.

For that purpose, your tablet must have a strong internet connection.

Hence if you have a strong internet connection, then you can watch TV on your tablet.

There are supportive apps in the app store that give you TV streaming on the tablet.

Are tablets a nice option for watching movies?

Tablets are one of the suitable options for watching movies.

Due to the large screens and portability, you can watch movies and other videos on the go.

So, tablets are also the best options for watching movies and other video clips.

What key things should we look for before buying a tablet?

Several small things are taken into account before buying a tablet.

These things include; the size of the screen, the tablet’s weight, processor, display of the screen, audio quality, battery, storage capacity, and RAM of the tablet.

All of these things combine in a perfect for making it a beast.

What is the average life of the tablet?

The average life of the tablet depends on the built-in quality and structure of the tablet.

Usually, tablets are made durably.

They typically have a durable structure, so they can last for years if proper care is taken.

On average, these tablets have a life span of 3 years. However, these may last for 5 to 7 years if good care is taken.

Can we use the tablet while charging?

Yes, you can use the tablet while chagrining.

However, it would be best not to use your tablet when your tablet is hot during charging.

Moreover, when the tablet is fully charged, automatically, the tablet stops charging, then you can use your tablet even if it is unplugged.

We recommend you not to use the tablet when the battery is lithium-ion, and it is hot.